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Remy Bleijendaal

Giving our employees the opportunity to explore what works for them and the freedom to choose!

The past 1.5 years have been unlike anything we’ve seen before! The global pandemic forced us to re-evaluate how we served our customers, building products they love, and engage our teams as a global company. Our goal is to provide everybody the environment and tools to perform at their best. We see true engagement as a result of being given the opportunity to do great work with great colleagues. On top of that we want to differentiate ourselves from the pack and offer our people the ability to experience beautiful places and cultures around the world- to explore what works for them and the freedom to choose!


Here is how we ignite a high performance culture, building the first Unified Data AI company, while offering a premium employee experience.

  1. Hybrid teamsThe vast majority of us are longing to collaborate in person and be able to get back to the office. At the same time many of us really enjoy the flexibility that the WFH offers and the time we save commuting. We are embracing this new reality fully and will move to a hybrid work mode where a majority of us will come back to office for 2 to 3 days per week. We are also moving away from the traditional concept of an ‘office ’. Our workspaces will become training arenas that foster collaboration, where teams get enticed to come together to brainstorm and build innovative products that customers love! 
  2.  90-day Global Passport Program: This global employee program allows employees to work from anywhere for up to a quarter per year. We are a global leader and want our people to enjoy a life experience that captures the power of all the beautiful places to see and fascinating cultures to experience. I joined App Annie through an acquisition of a company based out in the Netherlands and it has offered me the opportunity of a lifetime to relocate to HQ in San Francisco to lead the People and Business Technology team. Living abroad expands your worldview and fuels personal growth and I’m extremely excited that we are now offering this to all of our employees. We believe our high performance culture requires trust, in that our employees can accomplish work, location no bar! So if you meet one of our App Annie’rs in your city, click a selfie and share on social using #appannielife.
  3. WFH allowance: We are bumping it up to $1000 to ensure all our employees are properly set up in a comfortable home environment that supports their success and physical wellbeing as we move to a hybrid/remote world of work!
  4. Remote work is IN: Talent should not be limited by an area code or physical location. The pandemic presented the opportunity to source talent from all over the world- truly making us the global company we are! Our all-remote employees will also have the ability to subscribe to shared spaces like WeWork. 
  5. Wellbeing: We are partnering with Performance on Purpose, a human performance coaching company, so our employees have all the tools and support required to better manage their physical & mental wellbeing, such as identifying their unique stress patterns and designing systems to incorporate more recovery into their day. In addition, we declared a global Wellbeing Holiday, this Friday June 4th,  so our people can disconnect, recharge and refresh. A small way of saying thank you. 


Excited by what you just read? We’re hiring! Check this link to see if you or someone you know would like to join us on this adventure!



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Customer Stories

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