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Mar 31 - Apr 06

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Fitness Program

Apps that offer workout programs for the purpose of weight management and muscle building.

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Apps that related to healthy living, including personal fitness, workout tracking, diet and nutritional tips, health and safety, etc.

App Description

WorkOutDoors is the most advanced and most configurable workout app for the Apple Watch. It's perfect for running, cycling, hiking and any other indoor or outdoor activity. Note: WorkOutDoors requires an Apple Watch Series 3 or later. It is not necessary to have your iPhone with you during a workout. WORKOUT HIGHLIGHTS - 42 different activity more...types, including all the major activities - Configure multiple screens with metrics from a pool of over 600 data fields and graphs - All workouts are saved to Apple's Health system and are viewable in the Health & Fitness apps - Export workouts as FIT/TCX/GPX files, or automatically upload to Strava (even from the watch) - Dozens of alert types (e.g. mile/km notifications; high heart rate; low speed; zone changes etc) - Configure which metrics are displayed and/or spoken for an alert - GPS signal strength shown before starting a workout, so you can wait for a good signal - Create your own Interval Schedules: e.g. Warm Up for 5 minutes, Run 5 miles; Cool Down - Supports Bluetooth sensors for speed, cadence, distance, heart rate & power (including Stryd) - Zones can be configured for heart rates and also for pace and power metrics - Associate actions with gestures: e.g. double tap to start a new interval, or to show music controls - Auto-pause available for many outdoor activities (including Apple's algorithm where available) - Set a Target Pace and see how far ahead or behind you are (can show a target icon on the map) - Analyse workouts in great depth on the iPhone app, including detailed lap and interval splits - Supports watchOS 9 running metrics: power, ground contact time and vertical oscillation (only available on recent models of watch). MAP HIGHLIGHTS - Maps can be cached on the watch for use when offline - Topographic vector map option with configurable contours and hill shading - Maps can be smoothly panned and zoomed, and can rotate according to the compass - Map-only mode for when you don't want to start a workout and just need a map - Uses OpenStreetMap, which includes the trails necessary for outdoor workouts - Maps cover the whole world. No further purchases or subscriptions required for anything - A breadcrumb trail of your whole route is displayed on the map during the workout - A scale is shown on the map when you zoom, making it easy to see the distance to features - Load GPX routes and display them on top of the map to aid navigation - Routes are coloured by gradient: from red for steep uphill to blue for steep downhill - Get alerts when you deviate from or return to the GPX route - Waypoints in routes are shown as icons (supports "groundspeak" geocache data) - Shows a red compass pointing north and a green compass pointing to the start - Tap the green compass to see the distance to the start (double tap a compass to hide it) - "Smart Contours" use different colours to make it easier to read the terrain at a glance The app also has many, many more features (far too many to list here!).   All this is included for a single one-off payment. There are no extra in-app purchases or subscriptions. If you own an Apple Watch and do any form of exercise, then WorkOutDoors is the app for you. Give it a go!

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Mobile Performance Score (MPS) — это агрегированная оценка на основе данных ИИ с максимальным значением 100, которая вычисляется по сумме четырех основных квадрантов жизненного цикла: приобретения, вовлечения, монетизации и структуры поведения. Используйте MPS, чтобы сравнить свои показатели с конкурентами, оценить состояние приложения, а также определить сильные и слабые стороны приложения.

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Наша продуманная таксономия на основе ИИ уже помогла классифицировать более 300 000 приложений по показателям App IQ и Game IQ. Это незаменимый инструмент для мобильных приложений. Оптимизируйте эффективность своего приложения за счет доступа к подробной информации о возможностях для быстрого роста, характере расходов целевой аудитории и факторах, заставляющих пользователей возвращаться снова и снова.

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Mar 31 - Apr 06
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Расходуйте свою бюджет на привлечение рационально благодаря полезным сведениям об установочных тенденциях и успешных стратегиях оптимизации магазина приложений (ASO) с такими инструментами, как оценка эффективности поиска по ключевым словам.

  • watch running
    Объем:: 5
    31.6% -2.99%
  • works without
    Объем:: 5
    31.6% 16.22%
  • running with gps
    Объем:: 5
    14% 5.4%
  • watch out
    Объем:: 7
    9.5% 9.4%
  • work offline
    Объем:: 5
    7.9% 5.08%

WorkOutDoors имеет оценку 4.7 звезд, исходя из общих отзывов пользователей's Агрегированное с помощью ИИ представление отзывов пользователей — это удобный и эффективный способ получить общее представление о структуре поведения пользователей. Получите сводный обзор отзывов и оценок, а также возможность быстро сортировать и просматривать аналитические данные по таким метрикам, как темы и версии приложения.

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Mar 03 - Mar 30
  • Service
    Service 54% (7 reviews)
  • Happy Users
    Happy Users 54% (7 reviews)
  • Performance and Bugs
    Performance and Bugs 38% (5 reviews)
  • Mixed Emotion
    Mixed Emotion 31% (4 reviews)
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