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War of Nations: PvP Conflict

Издатель: PopReach Incorporated
Цена: Free with In App Purchases

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Описание приложения

Build your military empire and conquer your enemies by becoming a war mastermind. Raise a powerful army and join an alliance to take over the world in this free-to-play MMO Strategy game.

NEW – Report to Alliance Base, one of the biggest game expansions yet! Explore new environments, construct new buildings, and collect new resources in your march to victory. Then, vanquish your enemies in epic single-player Campaigns and recruit new Commanders, Specialists and Implants to seize the day.


Build up to 11 outposts on a giant world map occupied by other players. Strategically choose the best coordinates by building on rare resource patches and avoiding enemy territory.

Coordinate attacks with up to 50 players around the globe. Join a strong Alliance to protect each other and devastate enemy bases.

All-new Single-Player Campaigns will challenge players like never before! Come back daily for new missions and rewards!

Introducing an all-new hub for your Alliance. Build the powerful Alliance Command, Monument and Material Compound to get the leg up and enable team boosts.

Overwhelm your enemies with different battle strategies by stealing, raiding, capturing, or occupying enemy bases. Level up your defense by building base shields or teleporting outposts.

Recruit new Zombie Commanders to lead your army and devastate the enemy.

Artificially fuse & equip your commander with hi-tech gear. Send the toughest ones with your units to conquer your enemies.

Research to unlock up to 18+ powerful units with multiple levels of upgrades.

Display the power of your alliance in World Domination, King of the Hill, Players Arm Race & more.

Collect rewards for playing, including larger armies, Commander upgrades, exclusive events and much more.

Conquer the world with high-tech weapons, powerful Commanders and vicious specialists. Level up and explore to gain the upper hand, and crush the opposition.

Download War of Nations and claim your territory today!

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Отзывы и оценки приложения

Узнайте, что пользователи думают о War of Nations: PvP Conflict прочитав отзывы и просмотрев оценки этого приложения.


14020 оценки

War of Nations is Broken

Tower of Strength, Alliance Base and Commander Exp Upgrades just don’t work. The only parts of this game that do work are far beyond their “Use By” date and offer no stimulation to play for serious gamers. For the most part War of Nations has just evolved into a stage for unstable players to voice h…

Jun 24, 2022

Find another game

Life is frustrating. Games should be fun. This game is horrible.The decision to combine 4-6 commanders killed the game for me.There are release notes in the game from 4+ years ago announcing maintenance, or talking about Quantum commanders, and ZERO help on how to create Odysseus or any other Legend…

Jul 03, 2022

Customer Service is Bad, Glitches in most Aspects of Game

Yes the game was originally designed by GREE, with great concepts and strategic playing. Then the Game was sold 2 more times and is now with PopReach.Contacting PopReach isn’t easy. You’re lucky if you get a response back much less any problem(s) solved from them. We are told by their Beta Testers, …

Jul 29, 2022

Game is Totally Hosed

PopReach releases another useless Commander thinking it will become a revenue stream and the Tower of Strength event breaks. I’ve been playing for Seven years and PR has just hosed WoN.

Jun 06, 2022

Game is a Unplayable

One pushes a button and all I get is a spinning wheel. There is so much lag in this game that it’s become unplayable. It wasn’t this bad a few years ago but now nobody has enough time to waste on the lag in this game.

Jun 03, 2022

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