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My Shift Planner - Calendar

Издатель: MyBuzz Technologies Limited
Цена: Бесплатно со встроенными покупками

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Описание приложения

If you work shifts, you'll love MyShiftPlanner. Designed for anyone who wants to organize their work calendar. See shifts at a glance and take back control of your diary.

With powerful custom features, MyShiftPlanner can handle almost any rotating roster, no matter how complex. 350,000+ shift workers all around the world are already enjoying our shift planning features.

- See your shift schedule in an easy-to-use, color-coded calendar
- Common shift patterns and rotas built-in:
* 4 On/4 Off
* DuPont Schedule
* Days/Nights
* Continental Pattern
* Custom Repeating Patterns
* Non-repeating patterns
* And many more
- Customize rotas, shift types, names, times & colors
- Calculate your pay for any period*
- Easy to change your rota or set up a future rota*
- Set reminders and customize alerts*
- Supports multiple personal calendars for second jobs, colleagues or family*

- Time and pay tracking tools*
- See your earnings for any period*
- Customize pay rates your shifts or overtime*
- Keep track of annual leave allowance*
- See full reports for hours worked, overtime and annual *
- Add pay day schedules*

- Sync with your device calendar to manage your work, social, and family events in one place*
- Sync your MyShiftPlanner account and data between devices
- Email and share your shift rota with other users*

- Caters for public holidays in many countries
- Supports split shifts and week numbers
- Add up to two shifts per day*
- Supports 24-hour shifts
- Choose from 3 app styles - Light, Dark and Gray
- Today Widget
- TouchID and FaceID protection for your app
- Works for iPhone & iPad
- Regular updates with new features, fixes and improvements

* Denotes Pro-feature

My Shift Planner is designed for:
- Police
- Firefighters
- Nurses
- Doctors
- Paramedics
- Subway Workers
- Bus Drivers
- Truckers
- Pilots and Airline Crew
- Airport and Check-in Workers
- Call Centre Workers
- Supermarket Workers
- Emergency Worker
- Military
- Security Guards
- Bartenders
- Waiters and Waitresses
- All who works random hours and days.

MyShiftPlanner is available for iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 8.1 to run. Works best on iPhone 6S or later.

We are a very small team who work hard to develop MyShiftPlanner and support our users. If you find MyShiftPlanner helpful for managing your shiftwork life, you can help us to improve the app and add even more new features.

Buying PRO gives you even more features, but also greatly supports the continuous development of the app. Pro includes:

* Calendar Sync - copy shifts into your device calendar for use with other apps
* Pay Calculations – see your gross pay calculation for any period
* Multiple Patterns - set up a future rota for when your shift schedule changes
* Multiple Shifts per day - add a second shift to a day
* Multiple Calendars - create more calendars to track second job, or partner's rota
* Calendar Overlay - see two calendars, or a shared calendar together
* Custom Icons - add to your calendar for personal appointments or special events
* Sharing - share your calendar with other users (eg. partner or colleagues)
* Repeating Pay Schedules - set your payday to show automatically in your calendar
* Work Time Report - track worked hours, overtime & annual leave for any period
* Shift Reminders - make sure you never miss a shift
* Leave Allowance - track your annual leave to make full use of your yearly allowance
* Removal of all adverts

• Privacy policy: https://www.myshiftplanner.com/privacy-policy
• Terms of Use: https://myshiftplanner.com/terms-and-conditions

If you experience problems installing or using My Shift Planner, please contact us via support@myshiftplanner.co.uk. We're more than happy to help.

Please give us the opportunity solve your issues before submitting bad reviews. We're here to help you and want to show you why we're so proud of My Shift Planner.

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