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Hey Duggee Bumper Bundle

Издатель: BBC Worldwide
Цена: 8.99 дол. США

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Описание приложения

We've put together five of Duggee's splendid apps at a great discounted price. A-woof!

Time to go exploring, Squirrels! Set off on an adventure with Duggee and the Squirrels.

• Space Badge: fly a rocket ship through space and learn about the planets
• Train Badge: put together a full-size train set and drive the train back to the Clubhouse
• Treehouse Badge: help design a bigger, better treehouse for the Squirrels
• Birdwatching Badge: pick up your binoculars and try to spot some of Duggee’s favourite birds
• Fossil Badge: dig up fossils and meet the Squirrels’ very own dinosaurs
• Camping Badge: set up your tent and help the Squirrels get to sleep
• Spooky Badge: design a ghost and carve out a pumpkin

Numbers made fun, with Duggee’s first educational app

• Counting tasks chosen based on Early Years numeracy learning objectives
• Designed to cover the varying abilities of the 2 to 6 year old range
• 36 counting screens keep content fresh and maximise the duration of engagement
• Stored player profiles regulate difficulty progression for each counting mechanic
• Gold star collection mechanic plus daily award of the Counting Badge encourages repeat plays

There are eight crazy creatures to care for in five lovely locations. Help them to interact with their surroundings – kites, sandcastles, balloons, windmills, a paddling pool, sprouting veg, bouncing pumpkins and lots more.

Whether it's a chicken, a rabbit, a cat or a hedgehog it'll need to be fed, watered, washed and exercised - not to mention a bit of extra TLC when it's feeling under the weather. So keep a watchful eye on your expanding menagerie to make sure your animals have everything they need to make them happy!

Join Duggee and the Squirrels in the Great Outdoors:

• Acorn Badge: manoeuvre your cart to catch the falling acorns;
• Food Growing Badge: put your green fingers to the test by growing your own fruit and veg;
• Sheep Badge: keep your eyes peeled to round up the missing sheep;
• Raindance Badge: up on your feet to learn Duggee’s raindance;
• Submarine Badge: pilot your submarine in an underwater adventure;
• Paper Boat Badge: practice your origami by making a paper boat;
• Sandcastle Badge: hit the beach and build a glorious sandcastle.

Join Duggee and the Squirrels at the Clubhouse:

• Hair Badge: re-style Duggee's crazy hair
• Drawing Badge: bring out your inner artist and colour in a Squirrel
• Super Squirrel Badge: dress up the Squirrels in their heroic Super Squirrel costumes
• Cake Badge: put your chef's hat on and bake a cake with Duggee
• Leaf Badge: turn super-sleuth as you hunt for an outstanding leaf collection
• Tinsel Badge: it's Christmas so let's get festive by decorating Duggee's tree

Customer Care: support@scarybeasties.com

Privacy: One or more of these apps will ask for permission to access the camera and/or microphone on your device. The camera is used to take a photograph of the player for their user profile which is used to track and retain progress through the game and is also used to save user generated artwork to your camera roll. The microphone is used to interact with a number of mini games.

View our privacy policy here: https://www.bbcstudios.com/mobile-apps/

STUDIO AKA is a multi-BAFTA winning & Oscar-nominated independent animation studio & production company based in London. They are known internationally for their idiosyncratic & innovative work expressed across an eclectic range of projects. www.studioaka.co.uk

Scary Beasties is a multi BAFTA-winning mobile and online games designer and developer specialising in kids’ content, from pre-school through to the teen market.

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