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Apr 07 - Apr 13

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App Description

The best tracker blocking VPN app for iOS, Privacy Pro revolutionizes online privacy. Our unique Smart VPN technology empowers you with an unprecedented amount of powerrful privacy that enables you to take control over device wide tracking and gives you the ability to encrypt insecure connections, including DNS and HTTP. We strive to provide the be and most usable privacy solutions available. Our pioneering VPN products are designed to offer strong protection without causing any hassles, slowdown, or breakage. OUR PROTECTION POWERS PRIVACY FOR HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE Disconnect’s privacy technology is integrated into several popular browsers including Mozilla's Firefox and Microsoft's Edge and our apps have been Featured by The New York Times, Washington Post, 60 Minutes, Today Show, Wired, & many more! YOUR PRIVACY IS OUR BUSINESS, WE DON'T WANT YOUR DATA Disconnect never logs, tracks, or collects any of your online activity or personal information, except the information you explicitly volunteer (like if you decide to email us). FREE PRIVACY PRO FEATURES - Device wide tracker protection, which results in faster page and app loads, reduced bandwidth, better battery life - See a real-time list of trackers trying to collect your location, phone number, email, and online activity - Stats dashboard shows what's blocked, along with time and data savings - Privacy Pro protects you across all your applications, including all mobile browsers PAID SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED FOR COMPLETE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE APP INCLUDING THESE FEATURES - Easy to use firewall empowers you to block whatever you want - Encrypt all HTTP traffic (including in-app and background) to keep your sensitive data secure - Encrypted DNS lookups prevents tracking of your web and app usage - Bulk import/export your own firewall rules MORE DETAILS - Utilizes servers in over 180 locations and 80+ countries to ensure fastest connections - Blocks invisible tracking and malvertising threats - Works on Wi-Fi and Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, etc) - Supports 32 and 64-bit devices Our Tracker Protection technology is integrated into popular browsers and is now available to block trackers inside all your apps. Privacy Pro blocks invasive trackers by setting a DNS to prevent known tracking domains from connecting. Our tracker protection is solely focused on consumer privacy and we have a well-defined policy, which you can view here: We are not an ad blocker and never accept money for whitelisting. We give you full control of which trackers are blocked or allowed. Why secure HTTP and DNS matter? Your device loads thousands of unsecured HTTP and DNS connections everyday. These unencrypted connections are vulnerable to legal and illegal collection of your sensitive information in transit. Our technology encrypts all your DNS and HTTP connections. We NEVER store or log any traffic routed through our servers and don’t track your IP address or any other personal info, except the info you volunteer. ABOUT US Our mission is to improve the internet and the world by empowering people to exercise their right to privacy. - We help protect hundreds of millions of people with our tracker protection - Accolades include winning the Innovation Award for Privacy and Security at the South by Southwest Interactive festival, making the list of Popular Science’s 100 Best of What’s New and being recommended as the New York Times' favorite privacy app - Public partnerships with leading privacy/security organizations including Consumer Reports, Mozilla, and the EFF PRIVACY POLICY TERMS OF USE SUPPORT Please contact to connect with our awesome team.

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Mobile Performance Score (MPS) — это агрегированная оценка на основе данных ИИ с максимальным значением 100, которая вычисляется по сумме четырех основных квадрантов жизненного цикла: приобретения, вовлечения, монетизации и структуры поведения. Используйте MPS, чтобы сравнить свои показатели с конкурентами, оценить состояние приложения, а также определить сильные и слабые стороны приложения.

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Наша продуманная таксономия на основе ИИ уже помогла классифицировать более 300 000 приложений по показателям App IQ и Game IQ. Это незаменимый инструмент для мобильных приложений. Оптимизируйте эффективность своего приложения за счет доступа к подробной информации о возможностях для быстрого роста, характере расходов целевой аудитории и факторах, заставляющих пользователей возвращаться снова и снова.

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Apr 07 - Apr 13
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Расходуйте свою бюджет на привлечение рационально благодаря полезным сведениям об установочных тенденциях и успешных стратегиях оптимизации магазина приложений (ASO) с такими инструментами, как оценка эффективности поиска по ключевым словам.

  • privacy pro
    Объем:: 15.25
    96.3% 11.92%
  • disconnect
    Объем:: 14.24
    3.1% -10.78%
  • privacy vpn
    Объем:: 9.15
    0.2% -1.2%
  • privacypro
    Объем:: 5.08
    0.2% 0.02%
  • protect your privacy
    Объем:: 5.08
    0.1% 0.01%

PrivacyPro SmartVPN & Firewall имеет оценку 3.9 звезд, исходя из общих отзывов пользователей's Агрегированное с помощью ИИ представление отзывов пользователей — это удобный и эффективный способ получить общее представление о структуре поведения пользователей. Получите сводный обзор отзывов и оценок, а также возможность быстро сортировать и просматривать аналитические данные по таким метрикам, как темы и версии приложения.

Самые популярные темы отзывов

Mar 10 - Apr 06
  • Performance and Bugs
    Performance and Bugs 60% (3 reviews)
  • Unhappy Users
    Unhappy Users 60% (3 reviews)
  • Service
    Service 40% (2 reviews)
  • Happy Users
    Happy Users 40% (2 reviews)
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