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JAMB CBT - Practice Past Questions and Answers

Издатель: Scholarly Educational Software Ltd
Цена: Free

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Описание приложения

JAMB CBT Practice Past Questions and Answers is a product of Scholarly - a company that produces educational content and softwares.

The application contains detailed and well explained questions, answers and solutions to real JAMB past exams to enable students confidently sit for UTME, pass the exam and then gain admission to the institution (University, Polytechnic or college of Education) and course of their choice all in ONE SITTING.

The app provides JAMBites with a beautiful and easy to use interface that helps students test how JAMB exams would be before the actual exam day.

The following lists what the app can do:

1. Past questions: Have access to thousands of real JAMB past questions and answers with detailed and accurate solutions

2. Listen to questions: Rather than reading from the app, you can as well listen. An intelligent assistant reads out questions and answers to you while you listen

3. No internet required: The app can be used without data. This means that you can save your data for other needs

4. Results: After each CBT exam in the app, you'll see a detailed breakdown of your scores in a format that is beautiful and concise

5. Learning options: You can either choose to study past questions, take JAMB CBT or even play learning and fun-filled games

6. Save your questions: Save the questions, answers or explanations you'd like to see later

7. Information updates: Don't miss any information concerning JAMB or admissions as a whole. The app keeps you up to date

8. JAMB Novels: Access the summary of the recommended novel by JAMB for UTME exams like Sweet sixteen, In dependence and the new recommended literary texts for 2021 to 2025

9. Calculator: A built in JAMB-like calculator is also available to help you prepare for the exam

10. Customer service: Fast response to issues students may experience while using the app by our customer representatives

11. Preferences and settings: App is fully customizable to suit your needs. Personalize the app settings the way you want them.

12. User interface: App offers a clean and intuitive user interface that guarantees a quality user experience.

13. Share content: Easily share questions you want your friends to attempt or send your grades to them directly from the app.

14. Performance chart: Want to know how well you performed? You can use the performance activity to see your result history or performance over time.

15. Guidelines and advise: Get the best advise on the subject combination you need, the course of study you should choose, the best institution for your course or even hints on excelling in the exam.

And Lots more . . .

By getting and practicing with this app, you can be rest assured that you will get a high JAMB score and then gain admission to your desired course and school of choice.

Scholarly... Learning is simple...

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They took two days to send me my activation code and when they eventually did the customer service was very rude. And some of the answers turned out wrong very wrong.

Jun 18, 2022

This app is absolutely the best so far.. I recommend this app for every jamb students.Although please there should be corrections to the few wrong answers. Great job🥳🥵

Jun 03, 2022

Using this app as a study aid was very helpful for my exam. The developer's really did a good job👌. To any future jamb candidate, I reckon you download this app if you are aiming for success 💯

Jun 27, 2022

What an app. I activated this app 2or 3 months ago.last week, my phone got flashed and all my information and apps were gone.After I backed up and downloaded my app back,i tried using my activation key to login.and it was saying invalid key. I texted them explained the issue I'm having with their ap…

Jun 18, 2022

This app is absolutely the best so far.. I recommend this app for every jamb students.Although please there should be corrections to the few wrong answers. Great job🥳🥵

Jun 03, 2022

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