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QR Reader

Издатель: 5 Star Apps World
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Описание приложения

The QR code reader and barcode scanner can scan a barcode or read a QR code.

Our QR code scanner is a fast and easy scanner for any QR code application. It functions as both a QR code reader and QR code scanner and barcoding scanner.

The QR barcode app for scanners can read and scan all QR code types.

You can only use your cell phone to be able to read that information that is located behind the square barcode / QRcode in a matter of seconds. The code has never been decoded this easily.

The application used for the QRcode reader is super easy for use. You open up the application > Scan > point your camera toward the bar code or QR code that you intend to scan. The QRcode Reader can automatically distinguish any QRcode.

When you are scanning the QR code, and the code happens to hold a URL, you will be able to open your browser to that specific site by pressing the browser button. However, if the code should contain only text, it will be seen instantly.

The QR code application reader will read QR code varieties and will allow you to share and save the code that you just read.

Be sure to enjoy each of the benefits of scanning barcode/QR codes everywhere and anytime.

Listed below are some of the great features of this QR code reader:

• It is powerful as it decodes QR code fast
• It can read code or scan QR code easily
• For sending messages to your relatives and friends you can read your QR code for each specific message
• It will act as a barcode scanner that allows you to look at the detailed information on the product you are thinking of purchasing by QR codes at supermarkets or stores.
• The QR code scanner will not need an Internet connection for scanning barcode/ QR code
• The QR generator of code can share and save codes you have encrypted
• You can save your QR history, and even search your QR scanning history

The QR code scanner is used a lot to decode a QR/barcode like the EAN which is used for specific product manufacturing, and other codes.

The QR code scanner was created with the idea of using your camera. If you are wondering about security, this will be the application that you want to scan your codes. It is fully compatible and safe with the devices you use.

QR codes and the barcode system confuse some people; however, QR code is not the same as that of a barcode.

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Tanginang yan bigla biglang nag papayment wag nyo ilalagay ung number ng gcash nyo

Jul 19, 2022

This app is the only app I use to be able to read information that is located behind the barcode or QA code in just a matter of seconds, very amazing. It direct automatic ally to the website of the QR code, accurately! This is very powerful tool in terms of decoding QR code, very quicky in sending m…

Jul 22, 2022

For a working person like me, QR is a life-saving application. It provides the most user-friendly features, especially during peak hours. It facilitates my data scanning. I've never regretted downloading this application.

Jul 09, 2022

I am really impressed to the developer of this app, they accomplished an app that beyond perfectly suitable to the needs nowadays. I am so grateful I downloaded this QR code because in an instant I can easily scans any QR and whenever I will check if that QR code is legit I can do it very quickly wi…

Jul 30, 2022

Nowadays it is really good to have a QR scanner that has high quality performance because it can read most of details and can give you more accurate information in just a split of a second of scanning QR codes. This QR scanner really helps me getting the necessary information I need and can give als…

Jul 07, 2022

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