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Romance Fate: Story Games

가격: Free with In App Purchases

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앱 설명

Romance Fate: Stories and Choices
Choose your love story,wisely choices will make love stories and amazing destiny.
One choice can change everything! This interactive storytelling game allows you to make your own decisions and impact the story with your choices.
You can find every type of books you ever imagined—fantasy, romantic stories, mystery novels, paranormal tales,drama series…
In each different story, you’ll get the chance to make choices all by yourself and decide your own fate. Indulge yourself in abundant interactive stories,choose different path and write stories for yourself!

Choose your favorite style for main characters!
Enjoy romantic, amazing and breath-taking experiences in different stories!
Fall in love,Indulge yourself in abundant episodes!
Experience different ways of life through unique immersion storytelling techniques!

Extraordinary books in Romance Fate:

The Billionaire Neighbor
An act of kindness leads you to the new episode of your life, Damian Knight. He's an enigmatic billionaire, a powerful CEO. He's dominant, dark, and protective. He has everything, except the only thing he really wants - you. However, your dark past stands in your way when you're determined to chase love.

Can two different worlds manage to get their happy ending ? Will he be your Prince or the Beast of your fairy tale? Make choices and choose your own path.

The Sea's Lost Daughter
On a summer trip to a beach house with your friends, an accident sends you crashing into the ocean! When you wake up, you discover that you're a mermaid!

Win the heart of the enemy spy, the kind-hearted warrior who rescued you, or your best friend who's had feelings for you for years.

Can you use the power of love to overthrow the evil king and save your true home in the sea?

I am the Wild
The Night Brothers are four vampire lawyers, and you're their new assistant!

Can you help them solve a murder mystery in this fantasy world, or will their flirting distract you? Play to find out!

Roommates with the CEO
When you're about to embrace your dream life - new apartment, new internship, and new life, you find your recently rented apartment a scam! What's worse, you lose your package and wallet!

What can you do when you see a housekeeping job posting? Of course, you apply for it! Luckily, you get the job. However, "Three rules. One, never speak of this at work. Two, never enter my room without my permission. Three, I never want to find you under my sheets, naked."

You certainly have no intention of breaking his rules – you're in desperate need of a place to stay, and for Killian Knight, a housekeeper at his luxurious penthouse. But it's not as easy as it seems… Can you handle having your CEO as your roommate?

VIP Pass Subscription
-- Duration: one month
-- Price: Get your first month subscription for $4.99 and the following months for $9.99/month
-- Payment: Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
-- Cancellation: To cancel the subscription, please manage to turn off auto-renew in iTunes/Apple ID Settings Manager at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
-- Renewal: Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and the subscription period will be extended one more time after successful deduction.

Rights for VIP Pass:
- 2× rewards on ads
- free ticket limit +1
- free ticket refill ×2
- up to 590 diamonds monthly

- Please read the privacy policy: https://privacy.romancefate.com/romc/Privacy_Policy.html
- By playing Romance Fate, you agree to our terms of use: https://privacy.romancefate.com/romc/User_License_Agreement.html

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4352 랭킹


This is the best game ever I love playing this game and it is so fun it reminds me that I have someone to come home to every night after work and I can show him just how much I love him

Jun 29, 2022


Love it!

Jun 28, 2022

Not For Children

On the app It says 17+ plus it’s advertised in other apps (family games like uno and phase 10) like it’s an app for children. I was shocked when I opened the app and the first image was a sex scene with moans and grinding. Very inappropriate!! Sidenote this app has really long storylines which makes…

Jul 02, 2022

The best story app

I would really and keep recommending this app to anyone,it’s so funny how I’ve had it all this years but stopped reading it after I read some books and they weren’t up to my taste. I stopped even checking in on the app and was busy with some other ones but then I decided to try it recently but ohmig…

Jun 30, 2022


Sus istorias son muy buenas

Jun 29, 2022

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