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Yandex Eats lets you order food from your favorite cafes and restaurants: from burgers and sushi to pasta and ice cream. Choose from Italian, Japanese, Chinese, American, Georgian, and more! You can also order groceries from Yandex Lavka and other grocery stores.

• The most popular grocery stores
Get groceries delivered from a number of different stores: VkusVill, Azbuka Vkusa, Magnit, Globus, Lenta, Kuulklever, Miratorg, Verny, Globus Gourmet, or Selgros. You can even get produce from local markets.

• Easy to use
Ordering in Yandex Eats is easy: filter by categories like Breakfast, Italian, For kids, Groceries, and Grill, view accurate photos of menu items, and pay online by card.

• Fast delivery
Enter your delivery address and we'll show you the restaurants, cafés, and stores nearby. The average delivery time is 32 minutes after placing an order — your ice cream won't even have time to start melting!

• Plenty to choose from
In every city where Yandex Eats operates, we carefully research the food scene and select great places. We want you to have a choice. That's why you can find anything: from party snacks, soup, barbecue, and khachapuri to stir-fry, sushi, pizza, and vegan options.

• Popular restaurants
We make your dreams come true: in Yandex Eats, you can order from popular chains like KFC, Teremok, Burger King, Subway, #FARSH, Coffeemania, Mnogo Lososya, Domino's Pizza, Shokoladnitsa, Syrovarnya, Frank by Basta, Papa John's, Yakitoriya, Tanuki, and much more.

• Order tracking
From the moment you place an order until it's delivered to your door, you can check your order status and courier's location in the app. Watch in real time as your KFC wings flap their way to your doorstep.

• Yandex Lavka
You can also find groceries with express delivery from Yandex Lavka. We offer everything from breakfast cereal to fresh apples. You'll also find those household items you never seem to have when you need them most: from batteries to laundry detergent.

• Let's try it! How do I place an order?

Enter your delivery address or mark it on the map.
Choose a restaurant or store or enter a dish or product in the search bar.
Add everything you want to the cart and pay for the order.
If you have any special requests, enter them in the order comments.
Have any questions or suggestions? Contact us at love@eda.yandex.ru.
It'll be even tastier!
The Yandex Eats team

Yandex Eats is an information service. Delivery zones, delivery times, and restaurant offers are limited. To learn more, go to eda.yandex.ru. Fast delivery: the average order delivery time is 32 minutes according to data from January 18 to January 25, 2022.

ASO (アプリストア最適化)

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