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BetterMe: Mental Health — simple meditations and guided courses for mental well-being.
Mindfulness is the key to a balanced life. BetterMe has a set of simple, practical relaxation methods for beginners and seasoned pros alike. Learn to calm down and find inner peace with guided practices. Just take a deep breath and get ready to start your soul-soothing journey.

Teaming up with mental health specialists, we have used effective tools and coping strategies from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help you tune in to the world surrounding you. When your mind is clear, you concentrate better, feel inspired, and get more life energy.

BetterMe rounds up guided meditations, stress-relief practices, breathwork, and sleep meditations. Hundreds of mental health exercises to manage anxiety and increase happiness. Incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.

Try meditations that fit your lifestyle. Opt for short breathing practices to set the intention for the day or longer meditations to relax your nervous system. Even a few minutes a day can make a huge impact on your well-being.

Let BetterMe accompany you on your journey to managing your stress and anxiety and discovering a world of self-love and better mental health.

BetterMe Mental Health features:

Self-help plan
• Get a personalized Self-Help Plan with a step-by-step guide to reach your mindful goals. The guide is broken into morning, afternoon, and nighttime tasks. Each task takes no more than 5 minutes to complete and consists of a breathing exercise or guided meditation. Reach out to them when you want to be more balanced and enthusiastic about the day ahead.

Breathing exercises
• Find a compilation of 3-minute breathing sessions to reduce anxiety, anger, stress, and more. Practice breathwork wherever you are — whether you're out for a walk, riding the bus, or waiting in line.

Daily meditations
• Choose from hundreds of guided meditations to bring your whole self into the here and now. Practice daily to improve self-esteem and self-reflection. Put the day on pause and become more present.

Sleep stories
• Sleep stories paired with calming sounds will help you let go of the day and get quality zzzs at night. Wake up fresh and happy as a result.
• Nature sounds to wind down after a busy day. They help relax the body and mind, and our sleep timer makes it convenient to end the day peacefully.

Anti-stress sounds
• Mix and match different sounds to concentrate, unwind or fall asleep. These sounds include Snow Steps, Beach Waves and Birds, Cat Purr, Fire, Forest, Rain, and many more.

Mental health assistant
• Backed by science, BetterMe created Interactive Mental Assistant. This is your pocket guru that helps identify the problem, gives mental health tips, and leads to much-desired emotional relief.
• Start a live chat with a mental coach to get answers to specific requests.

BetterMe is integrated with the Health kit, so you can track your progress in the Health App.

Download BetterMe today and get started on your self-care journey.

Contact our client support via support@betterme.world.
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9499 評価

Specifically for women

After using this app for several weeks now it has become clear that this app is intended for women specifically. Many of the courses and articles speak only to women and do not appear to be intended for men, which is very disappointing. The breathwork section is not gender specific but is also VERY …

Jun 29, 2022

Poor design

This app is so poorly designed. When you pay for a program for a period of time, missed lessons cannot be assessed. It’s as though you are being purnished for missing a day! Would not recommend!! Save your money.

May 31, 2022

😁🤚 .

I’m so happy I found a app the can help me with my sadness my sleeping problems and my anxiety. I’m so thankful for this app 🥲.

Jun 14, 2022

automatically charged me more than 1 time purchase

Update: They refunded me after I sent them an email and they asked me to change my review once they refunded me, which is why I’m changing my review from a 1 to a 2. I also want to correct myself from my previous review when I said I originally paid $7.99, but it was actually $6.99. Anyways, that do…

Jun 21, 2022

automatically charged me more than 1 time purchase

I do not like writing bad reviews but I have to for this one to warn others! I decided to try this out and I specifically purchased the one time fee (of like $7.99) and NOT the subscription. I have now been charged $28. I fully remember checking in the subscription section of my phone to confirm tha…

Jun 12, 2022