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Losing weight is no longer a big deal with Able. Get a personal weight loss plan and achieve your health goals.

An intelligent digital diet assistant is all you need for your big change. Based on gamification and weight management psychology, Able provides a personalized approach that helps you follow your weight plan, stay motivated, and reach your goal. Eat healthily, get fit and lose weight with Able!

Why will you love nutrition tracker Able?

Simple yet effective
Able uses coins as a measure in the calorie counter. It is a fun and simplified way of keeping track of your calories and food. Stay within your budget and hit your diet plan goals.

Instant feedback
Do you eat the right foods, too many carbs or fat? Missing macronutrients? Get immediate feedback on every meal, correct your food journal, and learn how to reach a healthier lifestyle.

Unlike any traditional dieting app, getting in shape with Able is actually fun! What else can you achieve with Able?


Track calories you consume, learn what kind these calories are and how much you can eat daily to reach your weight loss goals. Correct your diet to include more protein or focus on keto and paleo if you prefer low-carb options.


Input your activity and expand your daily calorie intake while actually losing weight! Learn more about calories and how to use them to burn body fat and lose weight in 30 days or less.

Sticking to the diet for weight loss is more straightforward with nutritional advice from the professional team. Flavorful and low on calories, they are tailored for a perfect diet program. Each recipe contains food nutrition information and calorie count.


Sync your data from Apple Health to get more information about your activity and achieve your fitness goals more effectively. Burn calories at home or in the gym and log them into the app to find a perfect energy balance.


Use our built-in barcode scanner to log your meals and keep track of your daily calorie intake. What’s better than seeing progress? Weight log and photos are great ways to follow your weekly progress.


Chat with a personal virtual health coach to learn more about nutrition and get your diet well organized for better results. Having professional advice will support you on the way to a perfect and healthy body. A virtual health coach can help to work on more problematic areas, lose belly fat and improve your body as a whole.

Able is a fun, playful, engaging, and effective food journal and calorie counter. Your journey to healthy eating and living starts here. Download the app and start tracking calories to achieve the body of your dreams faster. The first 3 days are free!

Able offers an auto-renewing, weekly subscription for $9.99 with a free 3-day trial, with unlimited access while you maintain an active subscription.
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o A current subscription may not be canceled during an active subscription period.
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My successful weight loss journey

With the Able app, you can track your calories and weight in anytime with a personal nutritionist by chat.  The input text is about how this new weight loss application has everything that one needs to know about their diet or wanting more energy - which includes information on what foods are good f…

Aug 02, 2022

$19 every 2 weeks

Terrible app. I made $1 donation and then they took my credit card and charged me $19 every 2 weeks! Ridiculous bc they have no customer service or support team to dispute the charges so I had to go through my bank. If you have money to throw away then this is the app for you.

Aug 09, 2022

Rip Off App

I did the short trial but the app charged my account several times after I cancelled. This app is a scam with making it difficult to cancel or not actually canceling your subscription when you have requested just the trial. Give me my money back ABLE!!!

Aug 04, 2022

Lose weight a lot easier now

The able app is the perfect way to stay on top of your health.  It can help you plan out healthy meals,  track what foods are going into each meal or snack so that it's easier than ever before!  I use my coach for this purpose because she takes care all those little details like cooking times and st…

Aug 02, 2022

Scam do not download this app

I’ve been trying for months to cancel my subscription with the app shut down and it won’t load whenever I click on it I went on the website to try and delete my subscription but the link they are giving me is not working every month it takes $21 from my card and I do not know how to cancel it I even…

Aug 04, 2022