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Éditeur: Renfei Song
Prix: 9.99 USD

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- Mac App Store “Best of 2015”
- Featured in stories “All Your Code, Brilliantly Organized”, and “Keep Your Code at Your Fingertips”
- Featured app in “Apps for Developers”, “Essential Coding Apps”, “Essential Apps for Developers”, and “Wrangle Your Code”

Supercharge your productivity with SnippetsLab.

SnippetsLab is a full-featured, elegant and easy-to-use snippets manager. With support for over 440 languages, full Markdown capabilities, and powerful organization and search features, it helps you build your personal coding knowledge-base and makes sure that you have easy access to them at all times.

Main Features

• Stunning user interface with 13 fully customizable themes.
• Syntax highlighting for over 500 languages.
• Create nested folders, as well as smart groups and shortcuts.
• Add notes & tags to a snippet.
• Include multiple parts, or “fragments” in a single snippet with different languages.
• Open multiple and/or floating windows for quick reference.
• Full-text fuzzy search with smart search filters.
• Use iCloud to backup and synchronize your library across multiple devices.
• Automatic code formatting (for supported languages only).
• Automatically detect languages.
• Keyboard shortcuts to use the app mouse-free.
• Export the library to JSON, XML or plain text files.
• Automatic backups for a peace of mind.
• Create snippets from anywhere with macOS Services.

Markdown Support

• Choose between editing, full preview, or side-by-side preview mode.
• Accurate two-way scroll synchronization.
• Syntax highlighting for the same set of over 500 languages.
• Insert LaTeX math formulas with MathJax.
• Insert Mermaid diagrams (flowchart, pie chart, sequence diagram, state diagram, requirement diagram, class diagram, entity relationship diagram, gantt chart, etc.).
• Interactive and auto-updating table of contents.
• Quickly toggle format options and insert links, tables, footnotes, etc.
• Customize (or provide your own) CSS stylesheets.

SnippetsLab Assistant

SnippetsLab Assistant provides a quick and convenient way to access many app functionalities from the menu bar. You can create new snippets, or browse and search for existing ones. You can preview your snippet right from the menu bar, copy to clipboard, reveal in the main window, or even insert directly to the active app.


• Sync: Customize the library location to use any 3rd-party file-based sync services, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
• GitHub Gist: Import from GitHub Gist & publish your snippets as gists. (Please note that two-way sync with GitHub is not supported.)
• Alfred Workflow: Search and view the results directly in Alfred, open them in SnippetsLab, copy to clipboard or paste to the active app. (Note: Alfred Powerpack is required to use the workflow.)
• Alfred Custom Search: Initiate a searching query from Alfred using the “snippetslab://search/{query}” URL scheme, then view the results in SnippetsLab.
• Import CodeBox and Quiver libraries, or from supported JSON files.

More Info

For a list of all supported languages, please visit:

User manual:

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