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May 05 - May 11

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App Description

Medical Differential Diagnosis & Decision Support Reference App Enabling A New Era In Healthcare Delivery Helps To Avoid Diagnostic & Treatment Errors Fast, mobile, information for medical practice review and learning Designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to bring an exceptional user experience to healthcare providers and students. STATwork more...UP correlates findings, tests, disorders and remedies, to help you evaluate, diagnose and manage many medical problems. It quickly groups most of the symptoms and signs for a large array of conditions and indicates the appropriate studies and therapy for each. This app contains a rich collection of evidence-based facts, associations and recommendations to guide and improve diagnostic and treatment processes during the encounter. The user interface features typical approaches to investigation, so its operation will be fairly intuitive to medical practitioners. Its functions, and multi-specialty knowledgebase, rapidly deliver content that facilitates the right approach for many presentations: - Fast Comprehensive Evaluations - Differential Diagnostic Tools - Practice Guidelines - Web Enabled Quickly access valuable information for thousands of things in STATworkUP's completely integrated structure. Locate any symptom, study, diagnosis or treatment on full lists in a flash, using tools that let you search by synonyms, categories, and even by voice activation. Rapidly get facts for over 12,000 cross-related and organized terms. Get, read and share concise, yet detailed, information that instantly appears in the apps drill-down views for each tabled topic. STATworkUP can help you to shift focus from the chief complaint to facilitate discovery of less obvious, but significant, manifestations and plausible causes as workup proceeds. Its features assist exploration and evaluation of many other concerns for in-depth problem assessment in a hurry. It groups potentially relevant Findings together to help guide further examination. And it immediately calculates more or less likely possibilities to consider for the items you select as present or not. Weights of corroborative findings are rapidly processed, to create lists of possible differential diagnoses for your consideration. The program quickly calculates and shows diagnoses that fit with the selected findings for all of the conditions in the database. STATworkUP rapidly builds prioritized or alphabetized lists of potential diagnoses, based upon findings you designate or signify by adding checkmarks to listed items. You can even adjust the output results by setting a probability meter to expand or constrain the resulting profile of differential diagnoses based on the amount of likelihood you desire. Subject matter expert web pages are also readily available for each entry in the database, and you can link to them from within the application at the touch of a button. The app uses standard accessibility features like speak text selection or play web video content too. So you can instantly see, and AirPrint, additional information on the internet for any item as well. Navigate through all views and tables with the flick of a finger. The content, user interface and structure of this application have been carefully crafted during 30 years by practicing physicians, computer engineers, mathematicians and medical informaticists. Its large app database is constantly maintained to keep it current. DISCLAIMER: Seek a doctor’s advice in addition to using this app and before making any medical decisions. It should not be substituted for the expert advice of licensed physicians or other credentialed healthcare practitioners. STATworkUP® DDx is NOT intended to supplant sound medical judgment! It Is NOT Intended To Treat, Diagnose, Cure, Mitigate, Or Prevent Disease Or Other Conditions. This app includes help files about how to use it and plenty of online support as well. Enjoy it! Send your feedback to

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May 05 - May 11
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  • sta
    Volume:: 30
    97.5% -0.94%
  • ddx
    Volume:: 14.87
    2% 0.49%
  • differentiation
    Volume:: 5
    0.4% 0.39%
  • symptom diagnosis
    Volume:: 5
    0.1% 0.05%
  • differential
    Volume:: 5
    0% 0.01%

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