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i Live - You play he lives

Éditeur: LGD Studio
Prix: Free with In App Purchases

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Description de l'appli

"I Live" is a management life simulator that has special features, it is based on real actions performed by parents every day, feeding it milk, rocking it to sleep, using objects and toys to make it happy when it cries.

The time is real and is linked to the of your device, you will be able to enjoy day, afternoon and night. The environment influences your child's behavior and you can turn on the light in his/her room, decorate it and much more.

Each game is designed as if it were real, for example by shaking your device you will shake a rattle, or through the motion sensors you can walk with many different strollers in the park or in the city. Play now "i Live"!

Other features!

- Bring your baby into the world and bring him up like a real child. Breastfeed him, follow him and watch him growing
- He needs love, if you don’t follow him, he won’t love you. Give him all love you can and he will love you too!
- Follow his growht phases from his born. Watch his body and conduct changes!
- Play with him and became the best parent ever! Challenge your friend and rise in Leaderboard!
- He Lives night and day waiting for your return!

Complete the daily goals...
- Every day there are new goals to complete to get virtual coins and buy lots of games and clothes for your baby and make him happy.
- Earn parent points for each completed goal and climb the overall ranking to become the best parent in the world!
- take care of your baby by completing all the objectives and you will see that you will receive his affection!

And much more
Much more! clothes, games and gadget. Make your baby happy for a real experience!
- The graphics are so realistic among the most cared of category! "

- The child grows increasing more and more involvement and fun!

- The game currently reaches the age of the child in 3 months.

- The my baby Grow as in real life and live a unique and exciting experience.

- The my puppy talks and repeats like a real baby!

- The music and the effects make the atmosphere at play unique, changing and adapting to the time of day
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As per company policy, the game does not contain annoying advertisements. Only purchases in the app that can be optional and disabled from your device.
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Available languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portoguese (Brazil), Indonesian, Russian, Polski, Japanese, Korean,

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4082 notes

More updates

Ok so I think there something missing.1 we need siblings asap like could there be more face experience. 2 instead of a newborn face. 3 can you make the face look a little more older than a baby. 4 talking like a girl when I talk to him/her it’s sounds like a girl fix that. 5 crying: can it cry like …

Jun 19, 2022

Lady R

I love this game. It’s is Amazing, but my baby has been the same age for 3 years now. I would love to be able to give her a brother or a sister. I would like to see more activities to help her walk. The walking activity you have now is impossible to do. I only get past 2 of the 4 activities that you…

Jun 20, 2022

Could you please add some more cool stuff

This game inspires me so much. But my baby needs a sibling to play with. I appreciate you’re updates

Jun 23, 2022

The new update was bad

This last update was about decreasing the disk space on our divises for this game and I updated it and now every time I click on it it just crashes half way it loads so pls bring back the old one

Jun 19, 2022


Love but need more activities

Jun 28, 2022

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