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Clash of Kings - CoK

Éditeur: ELEX Wireless
Prix: Free with In App Purchases

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Description de l'appli

Pioneer of war strategy games "Clash of Kings", Annual offering - 7th Anniversary Celebration will begin on 15th July!
Highlight 1: New face for the old city!
Change the old look for the new seven year anniversary castle skin, login to receive the new look for your city (permanent skin)! The new night city is the start of a new era!
Highlight 2: New heroes and new soldiers!
Summon the Dark Night Lords and lead the Dark Night Legion! New heroes and soldiers, new tactical combinations!
Highlight 3: New CoK Chess
CoK Chess! Instant matches, the ultimate experience of live strategic combat!
Highlight 4: Welfare events!
During the anniversary, there will be a lot of rich benefits! Double gift packs, gold fountains, comrades reuniting to share the global feast!
Highlight 5: New Battlefield
Brand new CoK battlefield, international melee, packed with unprecedented intensity and combat!

Introduction and notice about the subscription function in Clash of Kings (CoK):
1. Name of the service: Subscription
2. After you subscribe, this service will automatically renew your subscription. If you choose to enable this service, we treat it as you permit Clash of Kings to receive the fee due in advance from your iTunes account (referred to as Account below) before the current subscription is about to end. The pre-conditions for this service to be effective are that the iTunes account which subscribed to the privilege service is also linked to the Game Center ID bound to the above game account. To ensure the recurring subscription fee can be deducted accordingly. If the renewal fails because there are not enough funds available in the above account, you are responsible for any and all issues which can arise from your failure to comply with the conditions of the subscription you chose to digitally contract service for.
3. Within 24 hours before the current subscription ends, the game account which purchased the service of automatic renewal will retrieve the fee for subscription from the corresponding iTunes account.
4. If you want to cancel the subscription, please tap the Setting of your iPhone-->iTunes Store and App Store-->Tap on "Apple ID"-->"Check Apple ID"-->"Account setting" page-->tap on "Subscription" and choose XX to cancel the subscription.
5. If you don’t cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the current subscription ends, the subscription will renew automatically.
6. The time of deducting your balance might be different from the time when the renewal takes effect. This happens because subscriptions are renewed in advance of the date due. If you encounter this situation, please wait patiently.
7. For more information:
Terms of service:
Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

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27730 notes

A big money pit!

You cannot compete unless you spend and spend loads of cash. They also upgrade every few days or every week so you’re never getting ahead.

Jun 03, 2022

A Game of Madness

I played this game for years going from nothing to P6. I spent thousands of dollars only to realize that no matter how much I spent it would never be enough because they (elex) always comes out with new troops, hero’s, dragons that is like a black hole taking your money. It is like a mirage. Only it…

May 29, 2022

سيرفر للعرب فقط

اتمنى يكون هناك سيرفر عربي فقط و تحسينات في الابطال و تسهيل في تطوير المعدات

May 10, 2022

Developers Only Care About Money

I played this game for years and developed my castle slowly over time. I even spent some money on the game. I had a former alliance mate steal my account and spend a bunch of money on it. I attempted to regain access to my account and support requested the previous three receipts but since the perso…

Jun 02, 2022

Wasted time

If you played classic server back in 2020 and expect it to be the same, your gonna be disappointed. They added a lot of things which you have to spend money to get stronger. There is now a plunder limit based off your castle and VIP level. C16 and VIP6 I couldn’t plunder 1m wood from my farm. They a…

May 17, 2022

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