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Euchre 3D

Éditeur: A Star Software LLC
Prix: Free with In App Purchases

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Description de l'appli

#1 Euchre card game! Multiplayer or Solo • Achievements • Stats • Smart AI • Millions of happy players • PLAY NOW!

Euchre 3D is the #1 free Euchre card game for iPhone and iPad! Euchre 3D has been in development for years by a dedicated team and has seen countless new features, improvements, and bug fixes. It's fast, stable, always improving, and, above all, fun!

Top Features include:
* Smart AI partners and opponents to keep you challenged
* Live online multiplayer!
* Fast, smooth playing with different game speeds
* Realistic graphics - it feels just like sitting at a table!
* Achievements
* Statistics
* Game options, including Canadian Loner, Stick the Dealer, and more
* In-app help and feedback menu (let us know how we can improve)
* Frequent updates, improvements, and bug fixes
* Free!

What players are saying:
***** "This game has absorbed my time more than the words with friends game. Great game"

***** "Absolutely love this game !!"

***** "Awesome! I love this game. Plays quick, plays fair, and is just tough enough to keep me coming back for more! Highly recommended for the Euchre fan!"

***** "Very addictive, and the AI is surprisingly realistic."

***** "My favorite. Great game. Just like the four handed with real people."

***** "Love it!! I am addicted!"

***** "Super easy to play. Best I have found."

***** "Can't think of anything I don't like. LOVE that it has Canadian Loners and stick the dealer!"

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135165 notes

I’ll change this once my problem is resolved.

I was in an online rated game and mid-game got an unskippable advertisement that caused me to get booted from the game. I lost a token and my rating went down. And $19.99 to remove ads is RIDICULOUSLY overpriced. I’ll be finding another euchre app and leaving this review until and unless something i…

Aug 05, 2022

Don’t want the help

How do you turn off it telling you what cards you can play? I want to think through it myself. When you’re playing in real life, your cards are not going to light up and tell you what to play.

Aug 02, 2022


Your game is bull. I can predict almost every loner. I have played 15 games in 3 hours and have yet to win one. Perhaps 2 days per month somehow I get “randomly” picked to win 8 or 9 in a row. Every time this happens, I somehow “randomly” lose for 4 or 5 days in a row after that. You would think tha…

Aug 03, 2022


I have played this euchre game for the last 8 months. I started out enjoying the game but recently have been very disappointed. There are glitches in the game play that need to be fixed. For players lapses in time you receive a message “booted from game for inactivity”, which is perfectly understan…

Aug 02, 2022

User interface is good, gameplay not so much

User interface is good. It is easy very straight forward and easy to use. To bad it is ruined by a mostly predicted game. The card deal is not random. The amount of loaners dealt out is ridiculous and not even close to a real game and the cards are typically heavily slanted to one team. Most g…

Aug 03, 2022

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