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Smart investors know that mobile app usage is a leading indicator of economic activity - from shopping to navigation. They use it to obtain insights, spot trends, and take positions ahead of the pack. Gain an investment edge using mobile analytics to validate investment theses or discover non-consensus views.’s mobile market estimates and analytics platform delivers actionable insights to investors, helping them understand consumer behavior and app performance across the globe.

Understand global consumer trends to reveal opportunities

Identify inflection points, measure growth, and spot changes in consumer behavior across a wide range of industries such as entertainment, e-commerce, and travel

Gain deep insight into company performance using granular metrics

Validate investment theses and uncover investment opportunities based on app performance using metrics that reveal user engagement and monetization trends in real-time

Quickly identify the hottest new apps to source deals and ideas

Spot trending apps and startups among competitors first. Validate their performance and negotiate a deal before your peers do

Identify top and underperforming apps

Confirm your investment theses and discover non-consensus views. Spot stragglers and outperformers to take or adjust positions ahead of the pack

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