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The right care at the right time

Life is complicated. Healthcare doesn’t have to be.

Healthcare changed during the pandemic, as people delayed preventative care and screenings. When people did require care, they didn’t want to sit in waiting rooms. Instead they turned to online options, meeting doctors or accessing wellness resources from the comfort and safety of their home or work via telehealth apps.’s mobile market estimates and analytics platform delivers actionable insights healthcare providers need to better serve their patients in the new digital world.

Personalize experiences based on demographics and user behavior

Drive stronger brand loyalty by creating a more focused product that aligns features and messaging to the needs and expectations of your target audience

Identify how top performers are increasing engagement

Discover the features that are driving increases in active users and retention for your competitors, and respond quickly by implementing in your own product strategy

Uncover insights from user reviews to boost downloads

Leverage AI (natural language processing) to automate and scale review monitoring, so that you can protect market share by understanding what keeps users happy

Increase paid and organic downloads at a lower cost

Gain an advantage over competitive ASO strategies to maximize app visibility with competitive paid search advertising and a data-driven keyword strategy

More ways to create winning mobile strategies

Bolster your mobile app development with competitive data on the best-in-class features
Uncover growth opportunities across countries and categories
Sharpen your competitive knowledge by gaining a deep understanding of the app market landscape
Define a global expansion plan using macro-level market data
Identify emerging players and competitive threats
Identify potential partnerships by learning which apps your users engage with most

“The platform allows us to analyze other companies and the overall market in which we operate. This empowers us, and our stakeholders, to make informed decisions and validate market assumptions, ensuring we are always on top of market trends.”

Marvin Rottenberg, Vice President of Marketing, Ada Health

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