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The pandemic continues to drive mobile shopping, amidst ongoing restrictions or concerns around in-person shopping. As a result, e-commerce apps and third-party marketplaces have seen increased usage as shoppers double down on purchasing from the comfort of their homes, and on the device they virtually always have on them: their smartphones.’s mobile market estimates and analytics platform delivers actionable insights to those etailers, helping them to effectively reach and engage with shoppers.

Improve your mobile advertising strategy versus the competition

Get competitive insights on top ad creatives based on share of network and share of advertiser across ad platforms, countries and categories

Increase paid and organic downloads at a lower cost

Gain an advantage over competitive ASO strategies to maximize app visibility with competitive paid search advertising and a data-driven keyword strategy

Sharpen your competitive knowledge and understanding

View the entire app market landscape and track competitive market share across downloads, revenue, usage, and engagement metrics

Prioritize app development with competitive feature insights

Analyze, identify, and implement best-in-class features from across categories, competitors, countries, and user segments

More ways to create winning mobile strategies

Optimize ad spend by identifying the best ad platforms across regions
Create a more focused product by developing user profiles based on demographics and user behaviors
Uncover best practices for increasing mobile app engagement by identifying top performing apps in your category
Identify potential partnerships by learning which apps your users engage with most

“ provided detailed data on our US competitors so we could set realistic benchmarks and improve on our existing app strategies.”

Takuya Ishizuki, Data Scientist, Mercari

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