Solutions for Dating

Increase romantic connections

Matches, and apps, made in heaven.

Singles on the hunt for love have a slew of apps from which to choose to find their soulmate. Don’t miss a heartbeat in acquiring, engaging, and delighting them as they search for true love.’s mobile market estimates and analytics platform delivers actionable insights to dating app teams to help them to attract, engage, and retain users across the globe.

Improve your mobile advertising strategy versus the competition

Get competitive insights on top ad creatives based on share of network and share of advertiser across ad platforms, countries and categories

Increase paid and organic downloads at a lower cost

Gain an advantage over competitive ASO strategies to maximize app visibility with competitive paid search advertising and a data-driven keyword strategy

Optimize ad spend across ad platforms and by region

Make informed ad campaign decisions with cost-per-install (CPI) and conversion rate averages across countries and categories

Uncover insights from user reviews to boost downloads

Leverage AI (natural language processing) to automate and scale review monitoring, so that you can protect market share by understanding what keeps users happy

More ways to create winning mobile strategies

Create a more focused product by developing user profiles based on demographics and user behaviors
Uncover best practices for increasing mobile app engagement by identifying top performing apps in your category
Identify potential partnerships by understanding cross-app usage
Increase revenue by evaluating and leveraging top monetization practices
Identify emerging players and competitive threats
Define a global expansion plan using macro-level market data

“ASO is a vital aspect of running the Badoo family of dating apps. Through the platform we have an immediate view of where our focus needs to be.”

Ryan Murton, Senior ASO and SEO manager, Badoo

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