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Identify strategic alliances and opportunities

Build your partnership pipeline to forge market-leading alliances.

Understand which apps are gaining traction and have overlapping users to identify potential partnerships by region and category. Then showcase the value your app brings to the partnership to drive negotiations, grow the relationship and fuel business growth.

The savviest teams trust’s estimates to gain insight into mobile markets because they know it helps them make the most of every partnership opportunity.

Fortify markets with key alliances

Develop market-leading partnerships to solidify your competitive advantage. Build compelling cases based on shared users and performance metrics to forge, close, and monitor relationships. Leverage your alliances to effectively lock out competitors

Fast-track growth with the right partnerships

Identify and hone in on the right partners with the right data. lets you structure deals based on market context and future growth projections, as well as discover partners that complement your business

Expand your reach internationally

Discover what complementary apps extend your geographic reach by demographic, platform, and category. Evaluate and pursue the most impactful partnerships based on performance metrics like active users and downloads

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