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Spend less time searching for quality leads and more time selling.

To be effective in ad sales and publisher development, you need data, and a lot of it. Use to get a full view of your market, and drive effective prospecting to accelerate growth.

Uncover your next big deal

Drive pipeline growth empowers you to build pipeline faster. Use real-time signals, including data on in-app advertising and monetization, new SDKs implemented, and app usage, to see which prospects are in-market for your solution

Effectively prioritize outreach Intelligence offers rich app data on your prospects to help you prioritize leads based on budget or monetization potential

Close more deals

Use data on mobile apps, like number of SDKs implemented, to understand the needs of your prospects and speak to them compellingly. The result? Relationships built on trust

“With data from, we are now better informed about which prospects to engage, which translates into sales.”

Werner Gerola, Senior Director of Sales Operations, Liftoff

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