In-App Purchase SKU (IAP SKU)

Maximize App Store Revenue with the First IAP Solution

Discover the highest performing IAP SKUs in the Market

Understand your competitors' IAP SKU performance

View a breakdown of your competitor's highest performing SKUs in different countries. Benchmark IAP strategies with unmatched granularity.

Leverage insights into consumer trends and behavior

Identify the most popular items (ex: subscriptions or one-time purchases) and how consumers respond to price points across different markets.

Build a world class offering based on proven IAP strategies

Understand how different items and price points perform over time. Unlock sophisticated IAP strategies optimized for your app mechanics and accelerate your path to maximize revenue.

“IAP SKU was extremely useful for us — we were able to identify why our monetization strategy fell short. IAP SKU showed us that we did not offer the right packages (SKUs) relative to the competition.”

Bin Bin Wang, Marketing Manager, FunPlus

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