App IQ

Understand the digital landscape and eliminate time consuming manual analysis

App IQ provides a deep and robust taxonomy with granular insights into competitive features

Shorten the product innovation lifecycle

Leverage a detailed feature matrix to quickly understand your competitors' capabilities. Prioritize missing features in your product roadmap and deprioritize low impact capabilities to optimize your customer experience.

Don't miss expansion opportunities

Gain visibility into your competitive landscape, emerging threats and missing capabilities. Understand and quantify relevant market opportunities.

Understand capabilities and features that drive performance

Uncover features fueling engagement, monetization, stickiness, audience attention and customer loyalty. Check out example on usage stickiness for Fitness & Exercise and Weight Loss.

Leverage the world’s most comprehensive digital taxonomy for mobile apps

App IQ categorizes 100k+ apps, so that you don't waste valuable time and resources continually downloading new app versions, manually reviewing features and navigating the complex mobile landscape.

On-Demand Webinar

Want to see App IQ in Action? Watch the On-Demand Webinar to see how leading publishers are using App IQ to understand the digital landscape and eliminate time consuming manual analysis.

“App IQ allowed us to get a more accurate and comprehensive look at the competitive landscape within our industry. The granular analysis that App IQ provides means more insightful monitoring, reporting, and prioritization for our own teams.”

Natalia Jaeger, Head of Digital Marketing, Voyager

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