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ConnectPlus unifies your data from app stores, UA platforms and ad networks into a configurable dashboard so you can track and analyze your mobile app performance


Track the performance of your ad campaigns by comparing revenue from in-app purchases and ads against spend.


See how your app performance compares against the top charts in any market or create a custom competitive group.


Securely view and share app data with your team without exposing credentials.

Track key metrics across your entire App portfolio - in one unified view

With 50+ connections to app stores, user acquisition channels and mobile ad networks, ConnectPlus unifies data across all your apps. No API or SDK integration required

Uncover opportunities with competitive benchmarking

Looking to enter a new market or launch a new app? Compare performance metrics against top app groups or create your own custom competitive app groups

Securely share access to data and insights within your company

Ensure your team has access to all the insights they need to make strategic decisions. Safely share data without exposing sensitive login credentials

“I already checked my app store data every day with, so when they added support for ad platforms, it became the go-to place to get my data.”

Philipp Döschl, Co-founder and Executive Producer, FDG Entertainment

Gather insights from all major app stores

Connect reports from top ad platforms ConnectPlus

A scalable platform to track app performance and provide guidance needed to develop growth strategies for apps across all verticals. Intelligence

Mobile market data designed to deliver competitive insights so you can discover global app market opportunities to grow your business.

Insights on the go

Intelligence insights, anytime with our new free mobile app - including newsfeed, top charts, benchmarking, and more. ConnectPlus consolidates your data across 50+ integrations updated automatically, every day — all for free.