Data aggregation across ad platforms

A single, unified view of ad spend and user acquisition.

See how Ascend unlocks ROI

Visibility at your fingertips

Stuck sifting through multiple spreadsheets for hours? Use a single source of truth for data aggregation, data normalization and automated reporting to accelerate your advertising analytics and monetization strategy.


Aggregate data from over 400 advertising, mediation, attribution and data cloud sources with a single API call


Analyze stack or percentage chart views and customize topline headers for instant insights that matter


Unlock organized and normalized ad data with intuitive ETL software by bulk editing dimensions or creating custom rules


Pivot data by sum, average, and percentage change to identify areas of growth or divestment


Customize data ingestion, revenue analytics, and api aggregation to fit your needs

Accelerate your advertising analytics

Aggregate and normalize all your ad revenue, IAP, and ad spend data in one place, so you can pivot quickly and accelerate revenue with ease. Ascend customers are accelerating their advertising analytics and monetization strategy

“ Ascend takes away the burden of integrating, maintaining and updating dozens of APIs, allowing us to focus on what matters: achieving our KPIs and improving our campaigns. It has become an essential part of our marketing analytics infrastructure.”

Spiros Christakopoulos, Director of Marketing, Reddit



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