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Product Announcements

Qualify & Score Leads Better In Salesforce Using Mobile Data

Struggling to juggle multiple CRM tool platforms, among other things in your martech stack in order to qualify and score leads effectively? for Salesforce might be the right solution for you by populating your favorite Salesforce dashboards with relevant mobile data metrics.

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Total App Revenue is the ultimate mobile metric for comprehensive app monetization analysis.

In an industry first, we’ve used our proprietary ai technology to combine in-app purchase and advertising revenue data for a complete picture of your competition’s monetization.

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Mobile Madness: March Is a Time for Growth

March has arrived and with it comes the madness of big plays, buzzer beaters and opportunities for mobile growth.

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Streamline your analysis, Dashboards are here!

You wanted it, it’s here. Dashboards open up your schedule with streamlined views for what matters.

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App IQ In Action: Exciting Mobile Trends to Watch in 2023 & How We Found Them is the gold standard for robust insights to help you navigate and optimize your mobile strategy for 2023

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Create a Magical Shopping Experience this Holiday Season with

With App IQ and Feature Tagging, use data from your shopping app's competitors to make yours better this holiday season and beyond

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Uniting All Data Under One Roof

Your data landscape enriched with Intelligence & Snowflake

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When did you become a gamer? Game IQ’s new Kids genre and subgenres

Kids Games taxonomy made simple with Game IQ

Product Announcements

Excel is Your New App Growth Dashboard

The spreadsheet of your dreams: Get’s App Performance Data directly in Excel, no coding skills are needed.