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Market Data

Mobile App Market Forecast 2030: Consumers Will Spend $2 trillion in Apps Over the 2021-2030 Decade

Our new industry forecast projects that mobile consumers are set to spend 58 trillion hours using apps over the decade. Here are more highlights from the report.

Market Data

Data Gems: Streaming Apps Benefit from Best Picture Nominees, TikTok’s Massive US Footprint and Hypercasual Games Strike Back

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Meet the Pioneering Women Leading the Way in Mobile

For International Women’s Day 2024 (IWD), we celebrate the accomplishments of leading women in the mobile industry News Unveils Two New Categories As Part of Its 2024 Top Publishers Awards

This year, we are proud to unveil two new categories as part of our Top Publisher Awards, now in its 13th year: Top Apps By Mobile Performance Score and Top Publishers By Mobile Performance Score. News Announces Top Publishers of 2024 — Awarding The Leading App Publishers And Brands From Around The World

This year, among the top 50 publishers, those focusing on non-gaming content rose to 13, up from 11 in 2022 with Tencent topping the charts for the seventh year in a row

Market Data

Data Gems: Royal Match’s Run to $3B Is Without Equal, Tax Apps Strike Back and the Health & Fitness Category’s Record January

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Market Data

Revenue Stream: YouTube Watches Its Mobile Revenue Enter a New Chapter with $8 Billion Spent by Consumers on iOS

The ubiquitous video platform enters an elite club thanks to its mobile monetization success.

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LINE Manga Joins the Elite $2 Billion Club for Mobile Consumer Spend

The popular manga reader is LINE’s second app to reach this impressive milestone.

Market Data

Global Dating App Downloads and Consumer Spending Just Had Their Best Month Ever

In January 2024, spending in top markets increased compared to the previous year, as consumers kick off 2024 searching for love