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Mobile Gaming

Using High-Profile Partnerships To Box Out Competitors in App & Game Development

An analysis of how Scopely strategically used partnerships in Stumble Guys to out-pace competitors in the mobile party royale gaming market. 

Market Data

Signs of a Recovery: Mobile App Usage Reveals Which Sectors are Rebounding and Which Mobile Habits Are Here to Stay

We reviewed the latest trends in mobile app data and consumer behavior to identify which markets and sectors are recovering from the pandemic.

Mobile Minute

A Year of Bingeing: Time Spent in Video Streaming Apps Hit Nearly 1 Trillion Hours in 2020

The mass migration from broadcast TV to on-demand – and from big-screen to mobile – started a decade ago. Lockdown moved it to a new level, with app-based video streaming up 40% in a year.

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5 Things You Need to Know for a Successful 2020 on Mobile

We’re close to wrapping up another monumental year for mobile and next year is set to be even bigger. Here are the 5 key trends to help make 2020 your most successful year on mobile.

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App Annie Index: Apps - Messenger Apps Go To Battle For The World's Messages