How to Build a Winning Gen Z Strategy on Mobile

Donny Kristianto

As one of the youngest generations, Gen Z now amounts to a third of the world’s population, surpassing millennials as the largest generation. If you want to reach Gen Z, you need to do it where they spend their time — on mobile.

98% of Gen Z report owning a smartphone, on average receiving their first at the age of 10. They are also part of the largest generation globally. As fairly new consumers, their brand preferences are not yet set, giving companies the opportunity to define themselves in a way that resonates with this mobile-native generation and earn their loyalty. In fact, growth of Gen Z mobile users outpaced those 25+ in most markets analyzed, highlighting the  growing influence of Gen Z. Reaching Gen Z during their formative years can help maximize customer lifetime value.

Using App Annie’s Demographic data, publishers can quickly uncover actionable Gen Z insights to see whether this segment is likely to be using your app.  

App Annie Audience Index Shows You Demographic Splits and Likelihood of Use 

In this in-depth analysis, you will learn how you can use App Annie Intelligence to uncover powerful analyses and create winning decisions to build a winning Gen Z strategy on mobile.

  • Understand Gen Z’s mobile behavior. Gen Z is not a homogenous group and their mobile behavior differs by market. Learn where they're spending their time and what makes them different from previous generations
  • App trends. See the top apps Gen Z are using across categories and markets, and learn what these apps have done to achieve success
  • Uncover Market opportunities. Learn which categories do not yet have dominant players and which apps offer the best potential partnership opportunities 
  • and more…

October 21, 2020


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