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Introducing Insights Generator: Get Meaningful Insights, Fast

With an average of over 7,000 new apps released each day across the iOS App Store and Google Play, the mobile playing field is incredibly dynamic, and data-driven insights are crucial for making informed business decisions.

However, more often than not, it can take a considerable amount of time and resources to derive meaningful insights from data. To address this customer challenge, App Annie has released a powerful new feature: Insights Generator.

Insights Generator leverages App Annie’s most comprehensive mobile market data and helps generate actionable insights in just a couple of clicks.

“Insights Generator is such a great addition to the App Annie platform. I have been using it all the time — it's such a simple yet powerful tool. It makes competitive benchmarking so much more intuitive and I get insights into user engagement and stickiness in a matter of minutes!”

— Genevieve Owyang, Director, Mobile Marketing at

Insights Generator allows you to compare your app performance to a competitor app or a peer group and run complex analyses intuitively — all within one view. Included in the Insights Generator are pre-customized reports that compare across a number of vital metrics to highlight high achievers, leaders, stragglers and average performers. You simply plug in your group of apps and can unlock a number of strategic insights, including:

  • User Monetization: Understand how effectively your competitors are monetizing their user base
  • Audience Attention: Uncover apps that delight a large user base with an engaging experience
  • Usage Stickiness: Discover apps that are top-of-mind for users and are used frequently throughout the month
  • Engagement Depth: Explore apps that are used frequently and for longer periods of time
  • Growth Stage: Evaluate apps that have a strong user base and continue to acquire new users

Unlock Your App’s Full Monetization Potential

For any app publisher monetizing through the app stores, it is critical to understand how effectively — or perhaps not — the top apps or games are monetizing their users.

Our User Monetization report in Insights Generator illustrates who is effectively monetizing their users, which titles are the most successful — by a number of strategic metrics including revenue and active users — and where opportunities for improvement lie.

This report shows Candy Crush Saga and Fortnite leading the charge by successfully monetizing their large numbers of players. It’s also notable that it's been nearly three years since Pokémon GO first launched and took the world by storm. Some may be surprised to find that Pokémon GO is still a high achieving game, with a large engaged user base and an average revenue per user (ARPU) verging on the heavy hitters.

Insights Generator's User Monetization report allows you to get an understanding of the monetization potential of your game genre and provides the ability to benchmark against competitors.

Discover What Makes an App Sticky

Cultivating engagement, or stickiness, for an app is critical to downstream metrics like monetization, retention and lifetime value. Regardless of industry, every product manager should be paying attention to user engagement, and Insights Generator's Usage Stickiness Report can help you unearth findings critical to understanding your users.

Travel apps continue to gain significant traction in terms of total sessions and overall adoption. Even though travel apps are not meant to be used weekly or even every month, companies that understand how vital stickiness is for mobile success, have designed their app experience to be top of mind.

Airbnb has established itself as a primary travel booking app by introducing features like Experiences and Restaurants which allow users to get more, not just out of their holiday destination, but their local city.

The Usage Stickiness Report from Insights Generator illustrates that Airbnb's users are highly sticky, opening the app frequently throughout the month — a trend that has grown since the introduction of the Experiences and Restaurants features.

Identify Potential Threats in the Market

Insights Generator gives customers the ability to detect stealthy emerging competitive threats. The Growth Stage report in Insights Generator helps you identify fast growing apps in your category early so that you can craft a proper strategy to avoid losing market share.  

In the US Food and Drink category, DoorDash gained significant traction on downloads and active users over the last few months. For the market leaders in the category, it is crucial to track the pace at which this app is acquiring users and also converting them into active users. Using ‘trend over time’ functionality in Insights Generator, you can visualize the growth pattern of fast-moving apps like DoorDash in one view.

The Growth Stage Report from Insights Generator illustrates that DoorDash has grown quickly by acquiring new users and activating them to use their app.

Insights Generator Is Available Today

Insights Generator gives you the power to make better informed data-based decisions, and ultimately, a successful mobile strategy. With preloaded custom reports, Insights Generator empowers you to act on critical insights in a matter of minutes.

To uncover the full potential of this powerful feature:

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May 13, 2019

Product Announcements

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