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App IQ In Action: Exciting Mobile Trends to Watch in 2023 & How We Found Them

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Happy New Year! It's time to pop open a bottle of your favorite champagne, or pour yourself a glass of something bubbly, and celebrate—because you've made it through another year. And now? It's time for some reflection. We're reflecting on the year that was, and thinking about the year ahead: 2023! One thing we know for certain is that there were (and will continue to be) some major changes in the world of mobile and technology. After all, it seems like every day there's another app launching or new device being released. But what are some trends we're seeing as we look forward to 2023? 

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The ways in which consumers are using their smartphones in daily life are changing more rapidly than ever. You should be thinking about changing your approach as well. We'll take a look at some important developments in macro mobile trends that might impact your strategy this year,including everything from in-app purchases to downloads. Let's get started!

Spot high-growth markets on a weekly basis through intelligence 

Here's the big picture: We've identified high-growth markets across the world and can tell you which ones are growing fastest. But you're not just interested in the big picture — you want to know more about specific markets. For example, you might want to find out how much your competitors are spending on marketing in a particular country or region. Or perhaps you want to understand why one market is growing faster than another.'s App IQ and Game IQ taxonomy is designed for this purpose. It's a library of more than 250,000 classified apps that can be easily applied to any data set, with worldwide coverage across 316 sub-genres.

Key Trends

Through App IQ drill down across a list of categories and high-growth industries. Access  top apps, preconfigured reports, and a link to the Insights Generator, which can display performance metrics for  each app in that industry we’ve categorized, including:

  • Downloads per day
  • Average sessions
  • Monthly active users (MAU)
  • Total time spent 
  • App rankings and more

Reaching Gen-Z: It’s a fact that Gen Z is mobile-first and, as seen in our App IQ-level data, they love video, user-generated content and mindfulness apps. They’re also more likely to spend money than any other generation on entertainment and gaming apps, which makes those prime venues for marketers looking to reach this lucrative audience.

Where consumers spent most of their time: There were three major categories where consumers spent most of their time in 2022. Download the State of Mobile Report to learn more.  But when it came to consumer spending the United States took the lead accounting for more than 25 percent of social app spending.  

Air travel is back in high demand:  When analyzing top airline apps’ yearly download growth through App IQ insights,  four of the top airlines in the United States surpassed their pre-pandemic total from 2019.

Health and Fitness: The United States remains the key market for health and fitness apps in terms of consumer spending, controlling more than half of all spending across the App Store and Google Play.

Let help you fuel mobile experiences and monetization

The mobile phone has changed the way the world communicates, and with it, our lives. The mobile strategy landscape has evolved dramatically in just a few years — and while it might be easy to get lost in all of the noise, can help you stay abreast of what matters most and how to use data-driven insights to make more informed decisions. So if you want to learn more about the future of mobile, let us know! We’d love to chat with you about what it means for your business today or tomorrow.

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January 9, 2023

Product Announcements

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