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Data Stories v2.0 in LABS Now Includes Revenue Stories and Personalized Feeds

Natalie Korn

Today we are releasing an enhanced version of Data Stories to App Annie LABS. Get alerted about interesting app downloads and revenue changes instantly.

Data Stories v2.0 helps our customers understand the factors that are driving changes in app metrics. Ever wonder what causes Downloads or Revenue to change? We surface timely answers to help you make the best business decisions.

What’s new in v2.0?

  • Revenue stories: We now notify you about Revenue changes and their causes, in addition to our original Download stories.
  • Personalization: We sort your feed so you see the app stories you care about first.

Revenue Stories

With Data Stories, App Annie has successfully trained an attribution model to look across our various datasets and surface the most likely causes of a particular spike or fall. These potential causes include: changes in in-app purchases, paid download price changes made by the publisher, app purchase behavior, and more.

In this LABS release, we present our platform's best determination of the underlying causes for a sudden change in Revenue (in addition to changes in Downloads) for a given app.* 

Click into the Data Story to get more information (including a performance over time chart and the potential cause of the Revenue change):

A Feed Customized to the Apps You Care About

With Data Stories LABS v2.0, there is no need to scroll through your Data Story feed to get to the stories that are most interesting to you. Our personalization model leverages your usage of App Annie to bubble up the stories about your favorite apps to the top of your feed. These stories are noted with a “Suggested” label at the top right:

We hope you enjoy Data Stories v2.0, which is aimed to help you eliminate manual processes and get the timely insights you need to make decisions.

NOTE: Utilize these outputs at your own discretion, as Data Stories v2.0 LABs metrics are still undergoing R&D.


App Annie LABS accelerates product development in close partnership with customers, delivering next generation products. Be sure to test drive our new features and get a preview of what’s on our product roadmap to help you efficiently level up your mobile strategy.

Access Data Stories in LABS here in your premium App Annie Intelligence account.

Haven’t upgraded your App Annie account yet? Get in touch with us today to learn how you can get comprehensive insights at a glance with Data Stories.


*All data displayed in screenshots above is sample data, not actual data.

July 27, 2020

Product Announcements

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