Product Announcements launches ConnectPlus to track data points around your entire funnel, all from one unified dashboard.

ConnectPlus unifies your data from app stores, UA platforms, and ad networks into a configurable dashboard so you can track and analyze your mobile app performance.

In today's data driven-world, management of mobile performance is challenging. Data is fragmented, siloed and hard to manage. As a result, visibility and understanding the performance of your own apps is limited making it challenging to maximize performance and Lifetime value. This is where ConnectPlus can help.

ConnectPlus is a free platform with over 50 connectors including Apple, Google, Meta, multiple DSPs, SSPs, mediation, analytics and engagement platforms, that securely aggregates your data from multiple sources into a single unified view.

Get a first look at’s latest unified data product allowing you to see how your app performance compares against market estimates of a defined or custom app group with Benchmarking tools. Analyze your entire portfolio of apps by campaign and source, including key metrics by acquisition, engagement, monetization, and sentiment in a single-app view.

Your trusted aggregation and visualization platform to help maximize your performance and drive LTV.’s ConnectPlus includes:

  • Over 50 standardized integrations to all the major app stores, app analytics platforms, mobile advertising and user acquisition networks. 
  • Competitor Benchmarking compares your app’s performance metrics against market estimates of Top App groups or your own custom App Groups. Paid Intelligence users can create their own custom app groups and view additional metric groups measuring Acquisition, Engagement, Monetization, and Sentiment.
  • The configurable dashboard allows you to view aggregated performance metrics across multiple apps. Track and analyze key app metrics to discover trends and insights. Quickly view app ratings and KPI trends in the Summary bar with configurable cards.  
  • The new Single App View aggregates and benchmarks your app’s performance by acquisition, engagement,  monetization, and user sentiment metrics over time. 
  • Safely share data sources to team members who do not have access to sensitive data credentials to app stores or ad networks.
  • Analyze all of your existing reporting from ConnectPlus in a new way with the new multi-metric chart view.

For the first time, insights and trends from your first-party and third-party data give you a holistic picture of where you are today and where you want to go in the future. Optimize your mobile growth strategies more effectively whether that’s acquiring more users or maximizing revenue through in-app purchases. 

Remove cross-functional team dependencies and securely share mobile performance data to your entire team without sharing sensitive login credentials to app stores, ad networks and analytics platforms. 

ConnectPlus helps you discover the relationships between your efforts and outcomes. Level up your digital performance with ConnectPlus today!


March 11, 2022

Product Announcements

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