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The Mobile Ad Platforms Playbook: How to Land High-Quality Publishers & Advertisers

Building data-backed strategies that generate Demand and Supply side prospecting successfully.

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Advertising dollars have always followed audiences, and now those audiences have gone mobile.

Globally, in 2017, users spent 1.5 months in mobile apps, a 30% growth from 2015, and that’s just the beginning. By the year 2022, we forecast that the mobile device install base will more than double from 2017, leaping to some 6 billion devices. This staggering increase is already being driven by a rush of new users, advertisers and publishers that, from a global perspective, will result in mobile ad spend that’s expected to exceed $190 billion by 2019.

For ad platforms and others looking to develop their advertiser client base and mobile advertising inventory, this rush means enormous opportunities - and enormous challenges. With so much activity, the pressure is now for ad platforms to develop strategies and onboarding tools that cut through the noise and quickly identify high value partners.

That’s why we’ve developed the Mobile Ad Platforms Playbook covering both the Demand and Supply sides of the industry:

  • Demand: How to quickly and reliably identify prospects for mobile in-app advertising services, then accurately prioritize those leads.
  • Supply: How to target publishers who are looking to monetize their apps and have relevant inventory to add to your network.
  • Demand & Supply: Metrics to inform your prospect targeting including in-app advertising and monetization data, SDK metrics, downloads, retention, and much more.

Relying on just one, or some, of those data points will result in a limited view of the market that will hamstring the effectiveness of your prospecting. Crucially, this Playbook will show how leveraging a complete set of mobile app data will help both the Demand and Supply sides to prospect more effectively and efficiently.

Download the playbook, and visit our new Ad Platforms Solutions page to get started on developing the strategies you need to get more qualified leads and win bigger deals.

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August 9, 2018

Mobile App Strategy

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