Mobile App Strategy

Being a Mobile Product Manager is Hard, We’re Here to Help

Visit our new Solutions page for strategies, use cases and tools to help product managers build a winning product roadmap.

The opportunity is enormous, and the competition is fierce.

The iOS App Store and Google Play have more than 2 million and 4 million apps available, respectively, with hundreds of thousands of new apps released every month. The winners in that crowded field are the apps with great features — those that make users’ lives more convenient, productive, entertaining and connected.

That’s what makes a Product Manager’s job so pivotal, and so challenging. You have big ambitions, but you’re also under tight deadlines and limited resources. To build and optimize a product roadmap that will help your app stand above the rest, you need data you can rely on, and the right strategies to put that data into action.

That’s why we created the Product Managers Solutions Page, to give you an array of tips, tools and use cases that you translate directly into action.

  • A detailed Playbook filled with actionable insights
  • How to surface category leaders and understand consumer sentiment
  • How to leverage competitor results for your own app
  • Case studies detailing the results of feature rollouts
  • In-depth tours of our feature measurement tools

You need to know which features will resonate with your users and move the needle for your app before you invest resources in building them, and we’re dedicated to helping you make those decisions with confidence. Get started at the link below.


April 30, 2018

Mobile App Strategy

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