Mobile App Strategy

How to Create, Implement and Measure Your UA Strategy

Create a data-driven user acquisition strategy. Use our playbook to find, attract and keep new users.

The world of mobile can seem exciting and a little daunting for new app publishers. For those that have already jumped over the hurdle of creating an app, finding and keeping users is the next obstacle to overcome. Crafting a user acquisition (UA) strategy that sticks in this crowded app market is imperative to an app’s success and long term growth.

Using Marketing Intelligence, App Annie has done some of the heavily lifting for you and compiled an exhaustive UA Playbook to take you step by step through the process of creating a winning strategy to getting new users. We partnered with some industry leaders like AppLovin, ironSource and DataVisor to provide their expertise on some of the many facets that make up a robust UA strategy. These game plans typically consist of a mix of paid, earned, and owned media. We detail what all of these approaches entail, as well as pre-launch milestones like:

  • Cultivating a brand strategy
  • Identifying your targeted audience
  • Formulating success metrics

App publishers that utilize our playbook will have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal to implement into all facets of acquiring new users. With a comprehensive UA strategy detailed, you’ll be well equipped to reach the right audience and potentially convert new app users.

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November 4, 2016

Mobile App Strategy
Mobile App User Acquisition

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