Mobile App Strategy

Mobile App Marketing: The Basics of Paid and Organic User Acquisition

This primer discusses the major decisions you need to make to increase app discoverability and conversion.

The mobile market presents tremendous growth in the coming years: App Annie predicts that from 2017 to 2022, the mobile install base will grow from 4 billion to 8 billion connected devices, and consumer spend will nearly double to $157 billion. Companies that get mobile right can reach new customer segments, deliver valuable new products and services to customers, and create new revenue streams.

The growth prospects of the mobile market naturally attract competition. Today, the iOS App Store and Google Play have more than 2 million and 3.5 million apps available, respectively, with hundreds of thousands of new apps released each month.

Creating an innovative app with a compelling value proposition is not enough to compete successfully in this hyper-competitive market. To capture the hearts and minds of new users, they need to know about your app, find it on the app stores, and be enticed to download it. You need to boost the discoverability of your app to attract user downloads, and you should ideally use a combination of paid and organic user acquisition techniques along the way.

App Annie’s app marketing primer on paid and organic user acquisition — the second in a series of three primers — will discuss the core components of a sound strategy:

  • App store optimization, including targeted keywords to boost your app to the top of search queries
  • Conversion, to increase user downloads through app store assets, like your icon, description, and screenshots
  • Paid channels, to enhance the discoverability and placement of your apps.

This primer, designed for both new app marketers and those who want a refresher, will walk you through the major decisions you need to make to increase app discoverability and conversion.

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August 17, 2018

Mobile App Strategy

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