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App Annie CEO: Don’t Be Afraid to Take Your Business Global

In a new video interview, Bertrand Schmitt delves into what it takes to grow a forward-leaning business quickly

App Annie CEO and Co-founder Bertrand Schmitt was recently the guest on the Business Rockstars’ Scale the Wall, an online series in which CEOs and entrepreneurs share their unique experiences starting, growing and funding their companies. In his conversation with host Thuy Vu, Schmitt reveals everything from his origins in mobile 20 years ago to what others can learn from his dedication to building a company focused on data-driven decision making.

Watch Part 1 to learn what Schmitt would do differently, and his top three bits of advice for entrepreneurs - including his observation that many companies wait too long to go global.

Then in Part 2, Schmitt discusses the importance of customer-centric thinking and how to take the overall business environment into consideration when making a decision about the direction of your company. He also explains the valuable lessons he learned from failure earlier in his career, as well as what risks he’s taken with App Annie.

Thinking big from the start is an important part of Schmitt’s philosophy. For more insights from the App Annie CEO and Co-Founder, check out some other interviews:


October 9, 2017

Mobile App Strategy

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