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Mobile Minute: Recruitment and Hiring Apps See Growth as Businesses Reopen

Lexi Sydow

LinkedIn and Indeed saw 25% and 20% growth in downloads in Q1 2021

What’s Happening: 

Estimates show that around 22.2 million jobs were lost during the pandemic. That said, the recent Labor Department reports have shown a resurgence in hiring, particularly in industries like retail and restaurants as businesses begin to re-open with easing lockdown measures. This influx of people looking for new jobs during the pandemic has sparked a greater need for virtual hiring and recruitment through mobile apps. As a result, the increased demand has brought about new platforms that have an all-in-one approach for hiring, with an emphasis on features such as video interviews. Traditional platforms such LinkedIn and Indeed are also seeing significant growth. Linkedin and Indeed saw 25% and 20% quarter-over-quarter global download growth in Q1 2021, respectively, to date (Mar 28, 2021). For example, our State of Mobile report found that LinkedIn ranked second for apps most likely to be used by Millennials in 2020. 

Why It Matters:

As businesses look toward economic recovery, the need to hire staff can be challenging amid ongoing social distancing measures that may eliminate the possibility of in-person interviews. Mobile apps like VidLive Mobile, HireVue and Spark Hire are addressing that demand by creating platforms for live video interviewing. Spark Hire and HireVue have collectively seen nearly half a million downloads in Q1 2021 alone to date — Mar 28, 2021. HireVue not only hosts video interviewing but also a place for assessments and reference checks, addressing the need for an app that has everything in one place.


In addition to apps with live interviewing capabilities, there has also been an emergence for ones in the virtual recruitment space, especially due to the acceleration of hiring as part of ongoing business re-openings. Workable, has been a prime example of that, which is a recruitment solution with applicant tracking tools that include candidate profiles, scorecards and evaluations.

Job finding platforms are also adding new features to help users find and connect with potential employers. For example, LinkedIn introduced its “Open -To Work” feature in 2020 to allow individuals to add a photo frame to their profile picture to signal to recruiters that they are actively looking for new opportunities. Similar to LinkedIn, Indeed also released a “Ready-To-Work” feature that allows users to signal to recruiters that they are seeking employment. 

Go Deeper:

Virtual hiring and recruitment became the new norm in 2020. With continued business re-openings and an anticipated ongoing hiring boost in 2021, recruitment and hiring apps will continue to grow in tandem. 

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March 30, 2021

Mobile Minute

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