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Mobile Minute: H1 2019 Mobile In-App Advertising Drove 45% of Top US App Downloads

Lexi Sydow

Mobile takes over share of ad spend to reach consumers where they spend their time.

What’s Happening: 

The evolution of mobile as an advertising channel has taken shape following the growth in popularity of smartphones. Today, the average user spends 3 hours per day on mobile and uses 40 different apps each month. While, mobile devices including smartphones and tablets were once considered consumers’ “second screen” these platforms are now often the first and often only screen. Advertisers go where consumers’ eyes are, and as a result we’ve seen a steady increase in mobile in-app advertising, resulting in an expected $190 billion global ad spend on this channel alone in 2019.

Why It Matters: 

Looking at the top 100 apps and games in the US, paid in-app advertising drove nearly 45% of downloads in H1 2019. For games on Google Play, this was slightly lower by 6 percentage points. 

For companies with mobile apps, it is imperative to prioritize paid and organic mobile marketing to earn a coveted spot on a consumer’s most personal device: their smartphone. For brands without a direct consumer-facing app, mobile is still vital to growth, as this is where consumers are spending their time, solidifying their brand sentiment and defining their consumption habits. 

Go Deeper:

Mobile advertising landscape is the driving force of growth in the advertising industry. Having a robust paid and organic mobile strategy is critical to capturing the attention of today’s consumers and setting your company up for success with the consumers of tomorrow, as 96% of Gen Z report owning a smartphone. For advertisers, those who win tomorrow will be those who win on mobile today. 

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September 25, 2019

Mobile Minute

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