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Women in Gaming … the Ultimate Game Changers.

An Inside Look at the Gaming Industry from Three Leading Women

From Silicon Valley marketers to computer scientists, the impact of women on the gaming industry is indelible and unmistakable. And this International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating three of those powerfully influential women.  

With insightful honesty, our guests shared their unique perspectives, not only about the gaming industry, but the personal journeys that brought them to their respective stages in their careers, as well.

Jayne, Jen & Shelby: Thank you for giving women in gaming – around the world – the gift of your time!

Jayne Peressini

Consultant, Afero

Jayne discusses her years in a traditionally male-dominated industry, her well-known empathy-first approach, and having open conversations about mental health. Thanks for being authentically you, Jayne!

Jen Donahoe

Head of Publishing, HiDef

A frequent panelist speaking about women, non-binary individuals, and other minorities in gaming, Jen speaks with us about her experience contributing to the marketing teams of some of the largest gaming studios – as well as being employee number three at a startup studio. We appreciate you, Jen!

Shelby Moledina

Co-Founder, COO, & Game Director, Double Loop Games

A computer scientist and co-founder of a gaming studio, Shelby generously shares her inspiring commitment to promote inclusivity in gaming. We’re grateful for your time and your influence on the industry, Shelby!

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March 8, 2023

Mobile Gaming

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