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The State of Mobile Games in 2019 and Beyond

Lexi Sydow

This week marks the E3 Conference, the world's premier event for computer and video games and related products. Thousands of gamers will descend upon Los Angeles to discuss the state of gaming in 2019 and its bright future.

Mobile games are growing at a remarkable pace — set to reach 60% market share in gaming consumer spend in 2019 — but it’s not a simple case of there being more gamers or more gamers spending more money. All areas of gaming expanded: hyper casual games saw rapid growth, appealing to broader audiences, while cross-platform gaming, fueled by unprecedented smartphone technology and capabilities, also saw impressive gains.

In our latest mobile gaming report, we discuss everything from games unique position on mobile to the growing appeal of mobile games to the rise of new monetization by gaming publishers. As the leading provider of mobile analytics to game publishers around the world and based on nearly a decade of experience, this report is imperative to helping developers and industry professionals gain a holistic, nuanced, and more accurate market view of gaming in and get ahead of the curve. Readers will learn about:

  • Mobile Gaming Market Highlights: How gaming has held its own, with 33% of all mobile downloads and 10% of time spent on mobile  are now games
  • Booming Genres, Regional Highlights & China’s Impact: Why Southeast Asia is Booming and why Chinese publishers are looking abroad accelerate growth
  • The Monetization of Mobile Games: How the rise of hyper casual and cross platform gaming has led to 74% of all consumer spend on the app store being driven by games

To learn more about the state of mobile gaming in 2019, check out the report here:

June 10, 2019

Mobile Gaming

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