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State of Mobile Gaming 2024: Consumers Prioritize Spending in Mobile Games Ahead of Moviegoing and Live Music

Randy Nelson

New data shows mobile games close behind console and PC titles in importance when it comes to consumers’ discretionary spending.

As revealed in’s new State of Mobile Gaming 2024 report, analysis of our data along with that of Mistplay, the leading loyalty app for mobile gamers, has found that mobile games rank #7 among consumer spending priorities for their own personal enjoyment. While expenditures on dining, personal care and streaming media all place ahead of mobile gaming, it ties travel. It follows closely behind PC and console games while ranking ahead of moviegoing and live music.

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Vying for Share of Wallet in a Dynamic Economy

According to the following discretionary spending index compiled by Mistplay from a qualitative survey of spenders on its platform, dining out, personal care, streaming media and clothing all outrank mobile games in importance to their personal enjoyment. That said, traditional PC and console gaming also rank behind all of those activities at #6 overall, one spot ahead of mobile gaming.

Educational content, movies/plays/live music, and gym memberships & fitness shopping all rank behind mobile gaming in the survey at #9, #10 and #11, respectively. Mobile games also index closer to other interactive gaming than moviegoing and related activities do to them.

In the State of Mobile Gaming 2024, we also look at how spending in the category tightly tracks alongside changes in disposable income, owing to consumers seeing this gameplay as nice but not necessary. However, while some mobile gamers are anticipating they’ll spend in fewer of these titles during 2024, others indicate that deals will motivate their degree of expenditure.

Players to Exercise Added Discretion and Seek Deals in 2024 

Analyzing Mistplay’s audience responses to the question of how they foresee their spending behavior unfolding in 2024, it’s revealed that close to 28% said they will spend in fewer games overall, compared to about 5% of respondents who noted they may spend more. A greater proportion of players also responded that they will likely spend less frequently (16.7%) compared to more frequently (3.8%).

As could be expected, a significant percentage of respondents — 20.3% — indicated that they would be looking to spend on discounted or on-sale items within mobile games. This further reinforces the outlook for more cautious sending by mobile gamers this year while at the same time presenting an opportunity for publishers who adapt to consumer needs and behavior. By taking into account qualitative findings such as these, along with continually refreshed in-app purchase metrics in Intelligence, mobile game makers can more easily identify and understand spending trends — and ensure that if consumers do decide to spend in fewer titles, theirs are among those deemed spend-worthy.

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March 14, 2024

Mobile Gaming

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