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The State of Anime Gaming in 2022: A Core, Niche User Base Propelling 20% of App Store Consumer Spend in Games

Donny Kristianto’s Game IQ Feature Tags fuels robust analysis of this growing art style and what makes this cohort of gamers unique

In our latest report: The State of Anime Gaming in 2022, we use’s Game IQ Feature Tags to dive deep into the anime gaming sector — highlighting growing global demand. We leverage this view of anime art style in mobile games to unpack market sizing, subgenre trends, top performers and user preferences and demographic breakdowns never before seen on this scale.

Game IQ Feature Tags Highlight a Nuanced, Niche and Highly Engaged Mobile Audience for Anime-Themed Games

Key findings from this report include: 

  • Anime games represent a niche, but highly engaged audience with a huge spending appetite: Anime game audiences accounted for $1 of Every $5 spent through the app stores on mobile games in 2021, yet global usage penetration was <3%. 
  • Anime games have yet to reach the mainstream, but are picking up steam globally: Global downloads grew 15% YoY in 2021, and 50% from 2018.
  • Japan remains the largest market for anime games at 55% in 2021, but market share has decreased by 9 percentage points from 2018 as breakout anime games go global.
  • Anime gaming audiences tend to Skew Gen Z and Have Different Affinities for Social Apps than Overall Gamers: US iPhone anime gaming audiences overindex for Discord, Snapchat and Reddit compared to the average population

Download the State of Anime Gaming in 2022 to Uncover What Makes This Cohort of Gamers Unique's Game IQ Feature Tags allowed for a robust analysis on growing demand for an art style within games — isolating games with 'anime art style' as a feature, irrespective of game genre or subgenre — to get a complete market view of the intersection of game design and consumer behavior.

Download the State of Anime Gaming in 2022 to uncover: 

  • The size and scale of anime art style in games — how to build your strategy around high-growth markets and an audience with an appetite for in-game spending
  • The top performing subgenres for anime-themed games — uncover which subgenres and IPs perform best in top markets 
  • Which games are topping the charts — how breakout anime-themed games are redefining the mobile gaming landscape and how you can succeed in this environment
  • User preferences and demographic trends — how Game IQ’s feature tags, demographic and cross-app usage data help to understand user characteristics and fuel better User Acquisition re-engagement and monetization strategies
  • And more! 


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April 20, 2022

Mobile Gaming

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