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Mobile Minute: Google Stadia Brings Console Gaming to the Cloud

Lexi Sydow

As Stadia breaks into the gaming market, mobile gamers stand to benefit.

What’s Happening: 

On November 19, 2019, Google launched its new cloud gaming initiative — Stadia. Stadia is designed to compete with legacy consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. However, Stadia has one standout element that these previous consoles do not: a cloud-based infrastructure that allows gamers to access the platform through any desktop, Chromecast or Pixel mobile devices (with plans to expand to all mobile devices in the future). This gives users the ability to play in real-time without installation, across multiple devices — continuing gameplay in a user’s preferred game mode anywhere players can access a signal. Think high-quality gaming received in the same way as streaming a YouTube video, listening to a new album, or any other sort of online interaction: instantaneous and right at your fingertips. 

Why It Matters: 

With the expected rise of 5G in 2020, it’s exciting for both game players and game publishers alike to imagine the possibilities for continuous, cross-device play — especially on mobile. With monumentally successful mobile launches in 2019, such as Mario Kart Tour and Call of Duty: Mobile, there is more demand than ever for mobile online multiplayer core games that rely on better wireless connections. Additionally, with other console manufacturers developing their own cloud offerings, such as Microsoft’s xCloud launching in May 2020, cloud-based gaming could stand to benefit the most from a strong surge in 5G developments. In order to play on-the-go, cloud gamers will need a strong signal to play at the same speeds as those on hardware consoles and stable WiFi networks. 

With worldwide consumer spend on games expected to surpass $75 billion in 2020, advancements in mobile gaming like Google Stadia and subscription options like Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass stand to expand the market and contribute to mobile’s rapid rise in gaming market share.

Go Deeper:

5G — while exciting for nearly everyone — stands to make the biggest impact on streaming. Whether it be streaming games or entertainment, 5G will provide a much-needed boost for those using data as opposed to a WiFi signal. While Stadia’s ability to deliver instantaneous results on-the-go hinges on 5G, the appetite for high-quality games on mobile is growing and Stadia stands to meaningfully alter the gaming landscape — especially for cross-platform play and on-the-go gaming on mobile.

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November 20, 2019

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