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Game IQ Taxonomy Matches the Pace of Change of Your Gaming Strategies

Junde Yu

Updates to our gaming-specific taxonomy make it easier to analyze genres and features, and stay on top of emerging trends.

In the current uber-competitive mobile gaming landscape, our goal at App Annie is to listen to our customers to meet their expectations out of the box, and update our taxonomy to reflect changing market trends. The updates to our Game IQ taxonomy were developed based on feedback from industry experts like Jo Kim (check out the video) to further classify games along even more granular genres and subgenres which is critical when it comes to competitive analysis. 

In conversations with our customers, including Moonton and SciPlay (just to name a few), we gained insights and perspective into how mobile game genres are continuing to evolve. Based on conversations like these, we evolved our taxonomy with the latest trends.

Moonton publishes one of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games: Mobile Legends. We spoke with @Skyhook, their Chief Game Designer on how he classifies a MOBA game — are they action or strategy-based?

Joe Byrne from SciPlay, known for Social Casino games such as Jackpot Party Casino, Bingo Showdown and Monopoly Slots, talks about the explosion of people wanting to have social experiences in gaming during Covid and how he thinks the social aspect within this genre will continue to evolve.

Carlos Salvado from Rovio, known for Match games like Angry Birds, discusses how the genre will evolve in the future and if we'll continue to see new types of variations and combinations emerge.

These types of insights from customers are invaluable and enables App Annie to provide real-time data within logically defined genres and subgenres. Game IQ continues to provide the most granular level of game classification, enabling deep competitive discovery and the ability to make real-time decisions based on industry trends. With more detailed insights into game and feature usage, publishers can increase downloads, average sessions, size, and/or the number of transactions. 

To learn more about updates and use cases for Game IQ, download our new gaming report, “2021 Mobile Gaming Tear Down- Key trends on Subgenres, Monetization, and User Acquisition.”


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August 24, 2021

Mobile Gaming

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