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Classification Best Practices from Industry Experts

Uncover key insights that gaming companies get with the help of App Annie Game IQ

During our recent webinar moderated by Imma Calvo (Industry Director of Apps at Google), Chrissie Tenaglia, (GSN Games), Joseph Byrne (SciPlay) and Junde Yu (App Annie) discussed the latest trends in mobile game classification and best practices on how to unlock taxonomy for success

In this clip, Chrissie Tenaglia, Senior Manager Business Development at GSN Games, highlights how they use the new App Annie product to spot competitors in the genres and sub-genres GSN Games is in, understand cross-genre, integrate IP across multiple games in the company’s portfolio, and analyze if specific features and/or events added by those companies have caused growth of downloads or revenue during a specific timeline.

Joseph Byrne, Business Development and Strategy Director at SciPlay, spends a lot of his time evaluating the mobile gaming market. In this clip, learn how App Annie Game IQ allows the team at SciPlay to enhance competitive research, compare games across genres, understand the market size in different regions and the demographics of their players, and more.

Watch the full webinar for advice on how to unlock game classification for success.

October 29, 2020

Mobile Gaming

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