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Mobile Games: Now You Can Predict the Future

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Below are some key highlights from this report:

  • Evaluating your investment to assess the merit of early stage apps and forecast if it can be a long-term hit.
  • Managing your company’s app portfolio to determine app growth longevity and when to launch additional apps.
  • Identifying competitor app growth and where your app lifecycles correlate.

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Many publishers are looking for the ultimate game that will sustain business for years or decades. However, mobile games have a finite lifespan for growth in regards to downloads. That’s why we’ve created our App Adoption Cycle report, to help determine at what rate your next game may bloom and finally mature.

Super casual games like Crossy Road tend to gain massive downloads early, but eventually taper off. Conversely, 8 Ball Pool has large room to grow, despite being available for two years. With changing app store market conditions, it’s important to generate downloads via a diverse app portfolio and strong marketing.

Find out what conditions make for long-lasting or short-term burst downloads — check out our free report now.

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October 27, 2015

Mobile App User Acquisition
Mobile Gaming

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